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Protective foam inserts for any package

Custom foam inserts available from our in-house packaging experts at Crownhill are an essential packaging solution that protects and perfectly showcases products during shipping and delivery. Available in the highest-quality materials and cut to the specific size of the item's specifications, these foam inserts are robust and suited to your specific product, bringing you and your customers the best custom packaging protection and design.

What Are Custom Foam Inserts?

Custom foam inserts are impact-resistant, custom-cut foam created to protect items with regular or non-uniform shapes. These foam blocks are designed according to the specific size and form of the product, enabling manufacturers and companies to slot the items into the protective foam before shipping them to customers.

The custom foam inserts we offer are durable and fit perfectly into Pelican Cases or corrugated boxes. Their durability makes them fully shock-absorbent, meaning no knocks and bumps will affect your product during shipping with this solution.

Here’s how our foam insert solutions elevate your company’s packaging and shipping approach:

Custom Sizing

The inserts we offer are available with a range of custom sizing options, suitable for large items, small items, and multiple items in the same packaging. The range of sizes we offer means you can easily select protective packaging designed to meet your specific product’s size or specific quantities.

Robust Polyurethane Material

Our foam inserts are made from the most robust polyurethane material, giving your products an elevated level of protection. Custom foam inserts provide the perfect impact cushioning material, similar to bubble wrap®, but locks the items in tight protective packaging. If the box is jostled or falls, the polyurethane material will absorb the impact, helping save the product from damage.

Eye-Catching Design

Whether you need to protect products in packaging that match your brand or ensure the item instantly catches the eye of your customer, the attractive design of our foam inserts will create the perfect impression.

Prototype Designs for The Perfect Fit

As part of the design and packaging audit process, we can create physical prototypes of custom foam inserts. These prototypes help you clearly see how your products will be presented and protected before you finalize the design for production.

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Why Choose Crownhill Packaging's Custom Foam Inserts?

At Crownhill Packaging, we offer the highest-quality foam inserts that are visually appealing and functional as a product protectant. Choose Crownhill Packaging’s custom foam inserts to perfect your packaging strategy and gain the following benefits as a company:

  • Perfect Presentation: Custom foam inserts provide presentation perfection, meaning the packaging showcases the products that fit snugly inside the cut-out portion. High-quality products look appealing and deliver customer satisfaction due to the perfect design of our foam inserts.
  • Sophisticated Unboxing: Our foam insert packaging provides a sophisticated unboxing experience, ensuring your customers recognize the attention to detail and care used to package the product. It enhances your brand and encourages customers to make repeat purchases.
  • Optimal Filler for Voids: The custom foam inserts we offer are the optimal void fill option that fit perfectly within the carton. This custom solution reduces waste, eliminates space, and provides superior protection to limit product movement within the carton.

We supply inserts with custom designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing to satisfy customers and ensure products remain highly protected.

Choose Custom Foam Inserts from Crownhill Packaging

Protecting and presenting products in robust, attractive packaging is the ideal way to satisfy customers. To achieve these high-quality packaging results, choose custom foam inserts from Crownhill Packaging. You will effortlessly deliver your products in their newly manufactured state and impress customers with this solution.

Contact us for more information about prototypes and other packaging options, such as foam sheets and void fill.

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