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Well-stocked first aid kits designed to handle on-site incidents

Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time—from minor cuts and scrapes to more serious incidents that require urgent medical attention. Our portable, well-stocked, and affordable St. John Ambulance first aid kits are a great choice for your first aid needs.

Why You Need First Aid Supplies

Accidents happen in most types of workplaces, no matter how safe you might believe the environment to be. Simply falling over can cause physical scrapes, while using a sharp tool in the office could lead to a medical disaster that requires on-site medical treatment. Having first aid supplies in the workplace has various benefits, including:

  • Faster response time: Employees can manage their injuries better if there are first aid supplies in the workplace. With a faster response time, even in the case of emergencies when the ambulance isn’t present yet, employees could save lives because they’re equipped with the right tools.
  • Reduced recovery time: Rapid reactions to emergencies could reduce the injury and increase the healing time. Therefore, employees can experience a smooth recovery without impacting the organization.
  • First aid training: St. John’s Ambulance first aid kits give employees a chance to learn first aid training on the job, especially when medical professionals can’t reach the scene quickly.
  • Improved workplace morale: Showing employees you’re serious about their health and safety regulations can improve workplace morale, leading to a positive environment containing stronger relationships.

What Does a St. John Ambulance First Aid Kit Contain?

St. John’s Ambulance first aid kits contain standard first aid supplies for treating small wounds, but there’s also advanced equipment available to treat more serious accidents. Here’s a summary of the extensive first aid materials we offer:

  • Gauze pads
  • Bandages
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Antiseptics
  • Cold pack
  • Defibrillators
  • Bio-waste bags
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Protective face equipment

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We’re Proud to be the Only Licensed Distributor of St. John Ambulance Products in Canada

Our products meet and exceed Canadian Provincial and Federal Government standards for workplace safety first aid kits. We are federally licensed by Health Canada with a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) to supply medical devices in Canada. This license forms the foundation of our commitment to efficiently managing and supplying first aid products to your employees and customers.

When you use first aid kits supplied by Crownhill Packaging, you, your employees, and your customers can rest easy. You’re getting the highest quality safety products on the market.

Why Choose Crownhill First Aid Kits?

St. John Ambulance’s Mission is “To enable Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.”

Crownhill’s unique offering comprises provincial-specific first aid kits that adhere to local requirements for workplace safety standards. We carry the full lineup of safety products and combinations to satisfy each province’s unique regulatory standards.

Our kits also include the handy SJA first aid pocket guide, providing you with crucial first aid tips and instructions, with larger reference guides available for even more in-depth knowledge. Employees and customers can use this guide in the event of emergencies.

St. John Ambulance has been a leader in workplace safety since the industrial revolution. Their workplace kits can be found in virtually every kind of business, from low-risk retail stores and restaurants to high-risk offices and manufacturing facilities.

Our first aid kits can be specifically tailored to your workplace needs, preventing wasteful overspending. Whether you require small kits for low-risk environments or large ones with advanced equipment, we have it all.

Choose St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Kits from Crownhill Packaging

Crownhill Packaging provides businesses across North America with reliable and advanced St. John Ambulance first aid kits. Protect your employees and customers today by contacting our experts to ensure you have the right products in the right amounts you need to guarantee the safety of your workplace.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment Ontario & Canada

Helping Ontario Stay Safe at Home and Work

Crownhill Packaging, alongside our sister company, The Packaging Company, is pleased to support public health through the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Essential in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and science, PPE has long been relied upon to reduce the transmission of viruses, bacteria, and hazardous substances.

As taking care of your staff, your clients and your own well-being is of the utmost priority, both federal and provincial governments have strongly advised PPE for all residential, commercial, and public activities, from retail and grocery stores to construction sites and factories.

Known as Personal Protective Equipment, PPE consists of protective gear that aims to shield a person from unwanted substances, including viral or bacterial particles. Examples of PPE include:

  • Face Masks
  • Counter Guards
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Disinfectant
  • Shoe Covers
  • Protective Face Shields

For face-to-face interactions, it’s highly recommended that individuals wear a face mask or a face shield to protect against viral particles, as well as reduce the likelihood of transmission to other people. If your business involves customer interactions, such as grocery stores, banks and other forms of retail, counter guards are also recommended.

While any form of face mask offers the wearer some protection from viral particles, there are some mask models that are better suited for use. Certified by the FDA and CE, we bring to market both everyday masks and KN95 face masks to ensure better protection for you and those around you.

It’s believed that viral particles, including those from the coronavirus, can transmit easily within closed spaces. So, alongside providing people with PPE, keeping a physical distance of at least 2 metres is advised. You can make this practice easier to follow in a workplace by using items such as floor marking tape or social distancing floor decals.

Purchase PPE for Your Organization

Stocked at our facility located in Brampton, Ontario, many items are shipped within 1-2 business days. Our quality personal protective equipment is here to support you and those around you at home and at work. To purchase PPE, contact Crownhill Packaging directly, or buy PPE online from The Packaging Company.

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