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Happy Earth Day from Crownhill Packaging

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While packaging has gotten a bad rap about its effect on the environment, today we’re going to explore how packaging is changing and helping to create a greener future. There are many ways to help save our planet including reducing energy use, minimizing waste creation, preventing the use of harmful chemicals and pollutants, and using recyclable/sustainable/compostable materials; all of which have a dramatic effect on helping the environmental status of planet earth. Crownhill is making efforts in all these areas to help ensure consumers get their products at the best cost, with the clearest conscience.

Our packaging solutions focus on efficiencies that eliminate packaging waste, and the waste caused by defective products. Defective products create unnecessary waste, and can also damage or contaminate other products, leading to a considerable destruction of resources. For this reason, as well as human and environmental dangers that stem from product damage, we test our packaging solutions before delivering them. We also pay particular attention to packaging for hazardous products using solutions that not only abide by packaging regulations but also exceed them, ensuring that these dangerous products are superbly protected.

Crownhill doesn’t just work with any supplier; we feel that we have a responsibility to choose suppliers whose long-term goals of sustainability and waste reduction, match with ours. Our selected suppliers find many ways to help the environment including offering printing options using vegetable-based inks, that are water recyclable, preventing the harm that lead-based inks do to the environment both in manufacturing and disposal. Also, many of our suppliers are committed to continuous improvement to achieve lean manufacturing that minimizes waste while keeping high productivity.

We recognize the efficiencies that both recycling and using recycled products bring to not only our business but the world. Our use of recycled corrugate, the option of multi-use dunnage bags for closed circuit transport, and recycling of all scrap created in the process of customization have a direct impact on saving forests and reduce the energy used to produce new packaging materials.

We at Crownhill understand the current perception of packaging, and we see the issues daily of misinformed packaging decisions that cause excess packaging to be used. We work with many brands to find the perfect packaging option that protects their products in the best way, utilizing the latest in packaging technology to practice source reduction (using less packaging to provide equal or better protection for a product). Technology is always evolving and recent innovations that will help packaging sustainability in the future, include the Ideonella Sakaiensis (Nella) bacteria that breaks down plastic to its base materials, ready to be reformed, the Stixfresh food sticker that enables fruit to gain a shelf life of up to two weeks more, and Bio4Pack’s compostable packaging for fresh meat. We at Crownhill are paying close attention to these and other sustainable packaging technologies to find the best way for our customers to utilize them.

There is also a significant amount of companies looking to switch their packaging to more sustainable options, but don’t know where to start. Crownhill is devoted to helping these companies find packaging that fits their commitment to sustainability, without causing a significant increase in costs. We have multiple suppliers that focus on sustainability and combined with our packaging expertise, gives us the ability to utilize a variety of sustainable materials to help keep your entire product line aligned with your values. 

Crownhill is committed to waste reduction, reusable packaging, and using recycled/recyclable options. Happy Earth Day, lets create a greener future together.

Everything to Get Your Products to the Coasts and Beyond in Honor of Maritime Day

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The shipping industry has been the single greatest enabler of global business operations, allowing products to move across the world affordably. Massive infrastructure projects like the Suez and Panama Canals, as well as the lock systems in major rivers like the Rhine and St. Lawrence, have been created to facilitate sea trade.  On Maritime Day, we want to pay tribute to these great achievements.

The United States and Canada use their maritime ports to export billions of dollars worth of products ranging from advanced military vehicles, to the East Coast’s famous lobsters, and thousands of other items. Unlike the relatively steady conditions of roads and rail, sea conditions can be very rough and many items that aren’t adequately prepared, suffering significant damage throughout the trip.

For North American products taking this trip, they must be packaged in a way that complies with the American Association of Railroads (AAR). This organization sets guidelines on packaging requirements for products traveling by rail and overseas, helping to ensure the safety of products and personel. Failure to comply with these standards can have a significant impact on a company, with high fines being levied, in addition to the costs associated with removing & repackaging products. The time it takes for the repackaging process can cause delays for urgent products, compromising your company’s reputation among customers.

Abiding by the AAR is a good business practice that avoids unnecessary risks. Crownhill Packaging works with a variety of suppliers that ensures your packaging, pallet strapping, pallet wrap, and all other packaging solutions are AAR compliant. Our lab is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). By using atmospheric preconditioning, vibration, and shock (including drop, horizontal impact, and inclined impact), our lab ensures that products can withstand these long journeys and the unique conditions that accompany them.

The AAR is suggesting the use of dunnage bags, and there have been talks about making them mandatory for both rail and sea transport. The use of dunnage bags helps fill the space between skids, preventing damage from packed skids connecting with each other. However, there need to be special considerations placed on their use, especially when being used to fill space in between a container/trailer wall and your skid. Dunnage bags are made to be positioned between smooth surfaces, as rough surfaces have the potential to pop them mid-transport. However, adding a honeycomb barrier between a wall and the skid enables added protection and significantly reduces this risk.

The massive use of maritime ports has created a significant demand for products that create and maintain their infrastructure. Each day thousands of parts & products find the port as their final destination; for these products being stored (even temporarily) in maritime environments, the salty air and humidity can accelerate corrosion and cause severe damage. To help ensure corrosion or loss doesn’t happen to items, VCI bags and films should be used to protect them. Ensuring a VCI protection solution is sealed around a product is essential, as any opening can compromise the integrity of the whole item. By using VCI protection products are placed an enviroment that is isolated from the external threats.

We look forward to helping ensure your products safely make it across lakes, rivers, and oceans to service your valued customers. For all your inquiries regarding packaging products bound for ports and beyond, don’t hesitate to contact

Crownhill Attends Foam Expo North America

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Crownhill prides itself on staying up to date with current trends, and attending trade shows gives us an opportunity to research and identify industry shifts in a functional environment. Foam Expo North America was held in Novi, Michigan, on March 26th to the 29th, where Crownhill Vice President, Rodney Taylor, and Director of Sales, Mike Cancilla attended to gain industry insight. Foam’s versatility makes it a key part of our product line, and being part of the world’s largest trade show for the technical foam industry is an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss.

Foam offers many advantages in packaging; it’s high strength, nonabrasive and cost-effective. Crownhill utilizes foam to protect a wide variety of objects, with a particular focus on fragile products, delicate items and objects with sharp points/edges.

Over the three-day conference, our team gained valuable information, met with many suppliers and purchasers, and learned from some of the top names in the technical foam industry. We conversed with well-known suppliers including Intertape Polymer Group, Pregis, and Sealed Air, creating and strengthening relationships. We were also able to gain a wealth of knowledge about sustainable foam options including reusable, biodegradable, and curbside recyclable foam that will allow us to both serve our customers and communities better.

B2B Matchmaker Meetings were a new feature this year that allowed exhibitioners and attendees to pre-book meetings with each other to take place in dedicated areas. We were able to access this by using the ‘Smarter Shows’ app, that put everything going on at our fingertips and enabled us to effectively organize our time. The app allowed us to be able to have time for formal meetings, informal networking, exploring the tradeshow, and attending guest speakers.

The Tradeshow gave us the ability to see live product demonstrations from MacTac on their clean acrylic adhesives, Rubberlite on HyPUR-cel polyurethane foams, and Avery Dennison on Pressure-Sensitive Tape Construction. These demonstrations allowed us to gain an applied understanding of these new advancements in foam technology that we could take home and apply to our custom packaging solutions.

Foam Expo helped Crownhill discover both new foam options and additional uses for our existing product line. We’re looking forward to next year’s Foam Expo and can’t wait to see how the technical foam industry evolves by then.

You can learn more about Crownhill’s foam options and capabilities by visiting: //