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Crownhill joins the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network ( APASS)

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We are honored and excited to be part of the APASS network developed by Amazon to  support Amazon vendors and sellers in certifying their products under Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging Programs guidelines.

Our APASS certification gives us the ability to help your organization’s ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) meet the guidelines set out under Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program within the framework of 3 certification tiers. Specifically Tier 1 – Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), Tier 2 – Ships-in-own-Container (SIOC) and Tier 3 – Prep-free Packaging (PFP).

These guidelines are being enacted on August 1st, 2019 and require all items with outer dimensions larger than 18x14x8 inches or weighing 20 pounds or more be certified as Ready to Ship. We have the expertise to determine which of the three tiers (Frustration-Free Packaging, Ships in Own Container, Prep-Free Packaging) specific products fit into, and provide you with the best packaging solutions to fulfill your orders through the E-commerce marketplace.

The purpose of these new guidelines is to reduce the number of times that a damaged or defective product is delivered.

Along with being a Registered ISO9001:2015 organization and long-standing market leading packaging materials provider, Crownhill Packaging is also a Certified ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Lab with the resources and technical expertise assist in designing, testing and validating optimal packaging for products involved in supply chain distribution.

July 31st, 2019 is the final day to register your ASINs for the one-time early adopter credit of $1.00/unit. If you’re an Amazon vendor and or need any assistance with Amazon’s new regulations, send us an email at

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Crownhill Upgrades its Tach-It® Product Line Expertise

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On May 8th Crownhill’s resident Tach-It experts, Account Manager, Tom Cools-Lartigue, and Maintenance and Equipment Service Manager, Jaidev Purohit, went to the Tach-It headquarters in New Jersey to get a deeper understanding of the Tach-It product line. Crownhill Packaging has had a close relationship with Tach-It being one of their primary partners in Canada and being an authorized dealer in the United States. We truly value their entry-level automation machines and view them as an innovative solution for businesses with packaging & labelling issues.

During their training, both Tom and Jaidev gained insights about the newest Tach-It equipment. Tom received an abundance of knowledge about the companies 2019 line of products and their capabilities, while Jaidev received product education that will upgrade Crownhill’s ability to provide technical support regarding all the Tach-It products. This training keeps our employee’s skills up-to-date and ensures we’re finding the best solution for all packaging inquires.

“When you have a partner like Crownhill who invests in product knowledge and supplier relations, you’re able to brainstorm new ideas, and the relationship becomes very beneficial. I really think this was a very worthwhile trip and will bring very positive results.”

–    Tach-It President, Steven Clements

During the trip, Jaidev became a Certified Tach-It Technician, giving him the ability to service a wide variety of their equipment. This achievement provides Crownhill Packaging with the distinction of being the only company in Canada to have Tach-It certification credentials.

Crownhill brings to market Tach-It equipment to provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including in the areas of tape application, labelling systems, bag sealing and shipping room tools. Our customers have been amazed at what these relatively simple machines can do, and we see an increase in the demand for Tach-It products every year.

Thanks to Steven Clements and the Tach-It team for their hospitality and valuable education on their diverse product line. For any inquiries related to Tach-It products, email us at