3 Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic-Based Void Fill

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3 Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic-Based Void Fill

Making an energy-efficient and sustainable packaging system is and should be a priority for all businesses in e-commerce and manufacturing.

This is because the environment plays an essential role in securing materials and energy sources needed to sustain business growth and economic activity. After all, environmental issues like climate change can significantly disrupt markets by driving inflation, creating supply issues and reducing consumer activity.

One simple yet powerful way to do your part and protect the environment is through adjusting your packaging. In fact, many businesses across the globe could easily become more environmentally-responsible by simply removing or changing elements of their packaging that are not recyclable.

In this article, we will explore void fill, one of the biggest sources of packaging waste. You will learn whether your business is using the right void fill for your products and consumer needs. Plus, you will discover 3 sustainable void filler alternatives that are sure to please both your customers and the environment – all without putting your bottom line at risk.

Is Void Fill Recyclable?

When using packaging boxes, void fill plays an important role in protecting your product. Not only does it cushion the item and act as a protective layer, but it also minimizes your product’s movement inside its packaging box.

But despite its virtues, void fill does not have the best reputation. For decades, companies around the world have relied on unsustainable, plastic-based void fill. These include styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap and plastic pillows, all of which are not recyclable and may even represent an environmental safety hazard.

Consumers can find void fill frustrating, too. While many other types of packaging are now easily recyclable, many traditional types of void fill are not. So although your customers may be doing everything possible to be more environmentally-responsible, they may feel guilty about unknowingly ordering a product that arrives with non-recyclable void fill.

Fortunately, there are many recyclable and sustainable void fill products on the market. Discover 3 sustainable void filler alternatives below!

1. Bio-Peanuts

Packaging peanuts have been around for decades, and they are a popular void fill when shipping heavy items like furniture. They offer good cushioning and their signature ‘S’ shape means they can lock together to protect your product. Their small size means they can easily fit into nearly any size of packaging box too.

But the problem with packaging peanuts is that some are made from styrofoam. Styrofoam is known to be an environmental hazard, particularly when heated. The small particles they shed on surfaces can also be toxic and potentially cancer-inducing to humans and animals.

Bio-Peanuts consist of vegetable starches that not only make them biodegradable, but also non-toxic to the environment. Better yet, Bio-Peanuts are becoming cheaper than other traditional peanuts because they do not rely on the oil prices needed to produce styrofoam.

2. Shredded Paper

Opting for paper-based products is an effective way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Your void fill is no exception to this, especially with shredded paper.

Also known as crinkle paper, this void filler consists of shreds of paper that are then crinkled, similar to how corrugated cardboard is made. This geometric design significantly increases the paper’s sturdiness and ability to distribute weight – two key elements in cushioning products from damage inside while in transit.

As a paper-based product, shredded paper can easily be disposed of at the curbside. Plus, your consumers may also choose to reuse it for their own packages like gift boxes.

3. PAPERbubble®

While Bio-Peanuts and shredded paper are two excellent void fills in terms of sustainability, they can still cause quite a bit of a mess if the package is opened and handled incorrectly. And many consumers would much rather spend their time enjoying their product rather than having to clean up loose void fill.

So, how about a sustainable void fill that also means less mess for your customers?

PAPERBubble® is an innovative approach to void fill. It uses the same design as bubble wrap, one of the most popular forms of void fill, without relying on environmentally-damaging plastic. Even better, it can be easily recycled at the curb, leaving your customers free of inconvenience and feeling good about buying from a brand that does its part for the environment.

Obtain Sustainable Void Fill & Mailers for Your Business

Leveling up your business’ commitment to the environment does not have to be a struggle or a financial burden. In fact, evolving to a sustainable packaging system incurs many benefits that can help your business to grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

If you are looking to revolutionize your packaging for the better with sustainable packaging like those listed above, contact Crownhill Packaging. For many years, we have led the packaging industry with new innovations and give our clients the quality support and packaging solutions they deserve. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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