4 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

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4 Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

While the last 3 years have been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to forget that there is a much larger hurdle facing all businesses: climate change.

Climate change has been a contentious topic in many spheres, and it is normal for business owners to question whether they should worry about long-term issues when they are currently facing challenges in the immediate term. But the recent swathe of natural disasters and severe weather demonstrate that action is needed now more than ever.

You might be wondering, what can my business do to become more sustainable while staying competitive? Well, one significant change you can make is adopting eco-friendly packaging.

Although eco-friendly packaging might seem like a difficult and expensive decision to make, it actually can be a powerful asset to your business. In this post, we will uncover 4 impressive benefits that eco-friendly packaging offers to businesses. Learn more below!

1. Reduces Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint is determined by how much we use carbon as we go about our daily lives. Nearly every item uses some level of carbon, and not just in the process of making it, but also in transporting it.

Our carbon footprint is a very useful metric to follow because higher carbon scores are associated with higher rates of climate change and environmental disasters, which are already affecting our present and future livelihood.

Unsustainable packaging is a big driver of carbon emissions because it not only consumes non-renewable resources to produce it, but also to transport it and destroy used packaging. Sustainable packaging stops this vicious cycle in its tracks by sourcing it from renewable materials that allows it to be repurposed multiple times and perhaps indefinitely.

Reducing your carbon footprint carries an economic benefit too. This is because as non-renewable resources become scarcer, their value increases. Businesses must then choose to absorb these rising costs or pass them onto consumers through higher shipping fees, something that can drive many consumers to abandon their online cart and shop around for a better deal.

Reducing your carbon footprint with sustainable packaging allows you to do your part. Not only are you protecting the environment, but you are also protecting valuable resources you need for your products, and consequently avoiding higher costs in the long-term.

2. Improves Brand Image

With rising incidents of natural disasters and severe weather, consumers are becoming increasingly focused on leading a sustainable lifestyle. And while they might be making changes to their own ways of life, they now expect these same changes from the brands they buy from too.

If your business chooses to ignore changing consumer values or remains indifferent to environmental issues, this can put you in a vulnerable position. Not only does it put your brand at a higher risk of negative feedback, but it also allows competitors to use it as a weapon against you.

Opting for eco-friendly packaging is only one step in the journey to becoming a sustainable business, but it is a significant step that outwardly demonstrates your alignment with your consumers’ values.

This benefit goes even further when you choose custom eco-friendly packaging that allows you to elevate your brand and demonstrate your commitment to the environment at the same time.

3. Expand Customer Base

Just like how your current customers are embracing a sustainable lifestyle, eco-friendly packaging can also attract new customers to your brand.

With the rise of influencers and thought leadership, sustainable packaging is an excellent way to impress key figures in your market. Many of these figures will appreciate the attention-to-detail and your alignment with their values. And in return for impressing them, they will very likely share your brand and product with their audience. This is especially common in tech and fashion industries, where unboxing videos and social media posts attract millions of views every day.

So, as you adopt sustainable packaging, do not be too surprised if your marketing team starts to see a boost in their revenue from influencer and social channels.

4. Versatile Packaging

Transitioning to sustainable packaging is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate your current packaging options and allow you to discover newer packaging technologies.

While the sustainable packaging market used to be limited to bland cardboard boxes, there is now a wide array of options to choose from – and many are even more advanced than their non-sustainable alternatives.

For example, here at Crownhill Packaging, we offer sustainable options for a wide variety of packaging products, including:

  • Void fillers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Curbside-recyclable mailers

You even make your green packaging go further by adopting new packaging technologies and systems that save on energy and costs, like on-demand packaging.

Get Wholesale Eco-Friendly Packaging Today!

While eco-friendly packaging might appear to be a cost for your business, its benefits offer you a wealth of opportunity.

In fact, sustainable packaging can compliment every area of your business by allowing you to:

  • Enhance your marketing
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Diversify your product packaging
  • Make your business more attractive and competitive

But once you have decided to start your business’ green transition, where and how do you start? If you are looking for a smarter way to get quality packaging solutions that are both affordable and sustainable, partner with Crownhill Packaging.

As one of North America’s leading packaging suppliers, we go far to offer our clients the very latest and innovative packaging solutions that allows their businesses to excel in even the most competitive markets. Plus, as a ClimatePartner, you will already create a positive impact by working with a packaging supplier that actively supports the environment and climate-neutral initiatives.

Discover how you can revolutionize your packaging by contacting our team today.

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