5 Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging for Manufacturers

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5 Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging for Manufacturers

Since its creation over one hundred years ago, corrugated cardboard packaging has revolutionized packaging for manufacturers. This novel idea quickly surpassed heavy, expensive wooden crates and metal barrels and became the mainstay packaging choice in virtually any industry.

Unlike traditional paper packaging, this type of packaging makes use of corrugation, the process of creating folds. Rather than simply insert multiple layers of paper together to create the board, the layers in between are folded to form triangles, known as flutes.

In this article, we will be looking at why leading manufacturers choose corrugated cardboard for their packaging needs.

1. Corrugated Packaging is Affordable

First and foremost, utilizing corrugated packaging offers significant cost savings. Compared to alternative packaging forms, corrugated cardboard is made from an inexpensive and renewable raw material that can be easily customized.

Cosmetic additions such as branding and signage can be clearly printed on the board, making it much more efficient than plastic, wood or metal packaging which require considerable changes or additional labelling.

2. Corrugated Packaging is Strong

With e-commerce growing at an exceptional rate, manufacturers need packaging that not only looks good and is affordable, but also protects their products from harm or damage during shipping.

By utilizing the power of flutes, corrugated cardboard forms a sturdy yet flexible shield around your product. It can withstand significant pressure and weight for its size and will also allow some give when being pushed to prevent splitting. It is these corrugations that give corrugated cardboard boxes their strength. For reference, corrugations also feature significantly in other aspects of our lives, including in the engineering and architecture of buildings and infrastructure.

3. Corrugated Packaging is Light

Despite its strength, corrugated packaging still maintains its lightweight body thanks to its geometric form and light material. This is incredibly beneficial for manufacturers and distributors when it comes to storing, transporting or shipping their products.

Additionally, manufacturers can pass this benefit on to consumers by reducing shipping costs and energy expenditure, which brings us on to the next benefit of corrugated cardboard.

4. Corrugated Packaging is Environmentally-Responsible

With issues such as pollution and creating significant ripple effects on our planet, there has never been a more relevant time for manufacturers to explore sustainable packaging.

An often-forgotten problem with recyclable packaging is its accessibility. Even with some forms of packaging being theoretically recyclable, not all recyclable materials are widely recyclable due to gaps in recycling technology. Corrugated cardboard however is one of the most widely recycled materials, making it easier for the consumer to dispose of than ever before.

5. Corrugated Packaging is Easy to Customize

There is very little doubt that manufacturers need a packaging material that offers versatility to suit their range of products and to package orders of different quantities.

As mentioned previously, corrugated packaging is also easily customizable in design and appearance. This is well-suited for manufacturers looking to showcase their well-earned reputation and brand on their packaging.

Reap The Benefits of Quality Corrugated Packaging with Crownhill Packaging

Considering its versatility, strength, durability and environmentally-considerate advantages, there is clearly no better packaging choice for manufacturers than corrugated cardboard.

If you are seeking high-quality corrugated packaging for your manufacturing business, consider Crownhill Packaging. As an industry-leader that drives innovation in the packaging world, we pride ourselves on sourcing effective and efficient solutions for our clients. Discover more by contacting our team today!

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