5 Packaging Mistakes Sellers Make (& How to Avoid Them)

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5 Packaging Mistakes Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

5 Packaging Mistakes Sellers Make (& How to Avoid Them)

Packaging: it is one of those things that nearly every business knows how to do, but only a few are aware of how to get it right.

In this article, we will look at some of the most common packaging mistakes businesses are making right now. We will also explain how you can prevent these mistakes so that your business has a packaging process that is optimized for your budget, your product and most importantly, your customers’ needs.

1. Ignoring the Post-Purchase Phase

One of the easiest packaging mistakes is to forget the impact the post-purchase phase has on a customer’s buying experience. This is especially important for e-commerce and online shopping, where your customers have yet to actually interact with your product in person.

Even if your customer has already seen your product before, they may be underwhelmed by it arriving in a plain-looking package. Similarly, poor quality packaging increases the risks of damage during transit, which may disappoint customers and even cause them to turn to competitors for future purchases.

Ultimately, giving thought to your product’s packaging presentation can be a major asset to drive your business. This is particularly relevant if you are promoting your product online on social media, where unboxing videos from key influencers play a big role in boosting potential customer’s perception and awareness of your brand.

Work with a packaging supplier, like Crownhill Packaging, to discover how to offer your consumers a quality customer experience right at their doorstep.

2. Avoiding Sustainability for Cost Reasons

Another common packaging mistake is avoiding environmentally-friendly packaging because it seems too expensive or unrealistic.

Going green was once seen as a difficult and expensive path for many businesses, especially those on a tighter budget.

In reality, sustainable packaging is actually becoming more affordable than packaging made from non-renewable sources. With issues such as fluctuating crude oil prices, the cost of plastic-based packaging has soared. Meanwhile, packaging made from renewable sources, like sustainable alternatives to plastic void fill, is becoming more economical while also providing branding benefits – like a stronger alignment to your consumers’ values.

Purchasing packaging from environmentally-responsible companies is a top priority for many consumers, and sustainable packaging offers an innovative and affordable way to appeal to your consumer’s values and do your part for the environment.

3. Forgetting about Curbside Recyclability

While embracing sustainable packaging is a valuable business decision that aligns you closer to your customers, businesses often make mistakes in getting it done the right way.

One particular error is not making sure your packaging is recyclable at the curbside. Out of all types of packaging, mailers are one of the trickiest packaging forms to recycle. This is because traditional mailers have an unrecyclable bubble wrap interior that is securely stuck to the recyclable kraft paper exterior. Separating these two materials cannot be done alongside other recyclable waste found at the curbside in most areas. Instead, they will need to go to a specialist drop-off point.

If your customers are not aware of this issue and are attempting to recycle them at the curb, they could actually be doing more harm than good. For customers that are aware of this issue, they have the inconvenience of needing to travel to a suitable recycling drop-off point.

Fortunately, there are solutions that make sustainable packaging easy and accessible for businesses. For example, here at Crownhill Packaging, we offer our clients a wide variety of sustainable packaging products that are recyclable at the curbside, such as the Ecojacket™ mailer. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about getting sustainable packaging solutions.

4. Always Buying Packaging in Bulk

Minimizing costs is an essential need of any successful business and can normally be achieved by purchasing goods in bulk. Known as economies of scale, you might assume this naturally lends itself to packaging. But what you might not realize is buying packaging in bulk could actually be costing you more money.

Buying packaging in bulk was once a good way to reduce costs, but in reality, it can contribute to a lot of hidden waste. More consumers now than ever before expect personalized or custom products that are sent to them in a matter of days or hours. Achieving this requires an agile production system that quickly customizes and changes products on-demand.

Consequently, these frequent subtle product changes can easily make bulk-bought packaging outdated, and you may also be missing out on more efficient packaging options. Additionally, any bulk-bought packaging needs storage, which can consume valuable real estate your business could be using more effectively to benefit your bottom line.

One solution is to adopt on-demand packaging. On-demand packaging takes the pressure off your business and lets an experienced packaging company do the work for you. Instead of worrying about bulk-buying and storing packaging, you get the optimized packaging you need, right when you need it. This agile system cuts down packaging waste, reduces packaging delays and eliminates the need for large storage space.

Learn more about how on-demand packaging could revolutionize your packaging process.

5. Forgetting about Packaging Receptacles

As every entrepreneur knows, good business is about putting the customer first. And forgetting the final destination for your product is one error that puts your customer’s experience last.

When you imagine your product being shipped, it is easy to assume that most packages simply arrive at your buyer’s door and are quickly received and taken into their home, office or building. But the reality is that your customer is typically not there to receive their package at the point of delivery.

When this happens, couriers face several choices. They can either leave a ‘we missed you’ note for your buyer to come collect the product in person, pass it on to neighbor or concierge, or even attempt to force the package through a mailbox. All three of these options are easy ways to disappoint a customer, especially if the product is needed quickly.

While sellers are not always responsible for decisions made by a courier, they are often held accountable if an order arrives late or damaged. After all, the seller selects the courier and is responsible for how a product is packaged.

If you are shipping mailer-sized items, one way to increase your odds of a first delivery is through Right Mailers™. This innovative yet easy-to-read labeling system lets you quickly identify whether your product is likely to pass through common mail receptacles, like lobby and community mailboxes. Not only does this approach give you greater chances of a successful delivery, but it is also easily accessible and takes the guesswork out of decision-making for you.

Discover more about using Right Mailers™ for your business here.

Make Your Packaging Work for Your Business Goals with Crownhill

While most of the mistakes above can be prevented by following a few simple tips, getting packaging right can seem like a daunting task, particularly when you have other business priorities.

Here at Crownhill Packaging, we offer you the experience, innovation and industry knowledge to develop tailored packaging solutions for your business. It is time to make your packaging work for you, contact our team today to get started!

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