Boxes vs Mailers: Find the Right One for Your Business

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Boxes vs Mailers - Find the Right One for Your Business

Boxes vs Mailers: Find the Right One for Your Business

One of the biggest steps that will guide your packaging decisions is whether your product will be shipped in a packaging box or mailer. At first glance, it might be easy to assume that heavy items are best suited for boxes and small items suited for mailers.

And while this is true in some cases, it is not always that simple.

For many products, there is a significant overlap where a product could be packaged in the box or in a mailer. To make matters more complicated, packaging boxes are becoming more diversified for different product types while newer mailers are becoming stronger to carry heavier items.

Choosing the right type of packaging matters because it can have a significant impact on your customers’ satisfaction which, if ignored, could be damaging your business. In fact, issues such as cardboard boxes being forced through mailboxes or mailers being crushed during transit could be quietly damaging your business reputation for quality products.

In this article, we will explore the differences between packaging boxes and mailers, and help you identify which one is right for the needs of your product and its consumers. Learn more below!

When Boxes are Better

Packaging boxes are a staple packaging choice for just about any business. They are sturdy and strong, but also lightweight enough to not hike shipping fees.

The majority of packaging boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is a simple, yet powerful paper board made from layered kraft paper which contains a fluted layer inside. Known as corrugation, this fluting forms triangles that allows it to evenly distribute the most weight possible. So, when it comes to protecting your product, that means your package is less likely to bend, fold or crush while being shipped.

Packaging boxes also provide the greatest opportunity to elevate your product’s opening experience. For example, you can use printed boxes to showcase your branding, or add custom tape and void fill to add that special touch your customer will appreciate. Making your product a pleasure to open can have not just a significant effect on your customer’s satisfaction, but it can also nicely complement your company’s marketing campaign, particularly in the social media and influencer space.

Another benefit of corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are also easily recyclable, especially in household recycling. They can even be repurposed before being recycled, and some consumers may choose to keep these boxes for their own use, making it a sustainable solution your customers will appreciate.

Advantages of Packaging Boxes

Overall, you should choose to package your product in a box if you want packaging that is:

  • Adaptable. Packaging boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, covering anything from a mobile phone to a piece of furniture.
  • Secure yet efficient. Packaging boxes resist crushing and can carry significant weight without adding much weight to the overall package itself, keeping shipping both safe and affordable.
  • Easiest to recycle. Unlike some mailers, virtually all cardboard packaging can be recycled at the curbside, giving your customers a convenient way to do their part for the environment.

Remember, it is not just the type of packaging that matters, but also the quality of the packaging. Here at Crownhill Packaging, we supply a wide variety of quality corrugated cardboard boxes, including heavy-duty, custom printed and insulated cardboard boxes.

Want extra security for your product? No problem, we also supply extra ways to protect your products from shipping hazards, including void fill, packaging inserts and much more. Learn more by contacting our packaging specialists today!

When Mailers are Better

Mailers are the go-to choice for giving your customers a convenient delivery, especially for small items.

While boxes are used for their ability to resist impact, mailers take a completely different approach. They are normally crafted from paper or plastic and then padded with a soft interior, such as bubble wrap. These materials keep them light, well-insulated and very flexible to impact.

Flexibility is a key advantage of mailers as it allows the package to comfortably pass into a mailbox or slot. Compare this to packaging boxes, which are designed to resist bending or folding and may become crushed as a result of being forced into a mailbox.

If you do choose to ship your product in a mailer, you will want to make sure your mailer is the right fit for your customer’s mailbox or receptacle. To find the right mailer for your customers, use Right Mailers™, our innovative yet easy-to-use mailer identification system that lets you know whether your product and its mailer will fit through many different types of receptacles. Learn more here!

Advantages of Mailers

To summarize, mailers are the better choice for you if you want packaging that is:

  • Most mailbox-friendly. Mailbox deliveries offer the most convenience for customers, particularly those in apartments, offices and other large buildings.
  • Flexible and lightweight. Mailers are compact and add very little weight or space to your product, helping you and your customer save on energy and shipping costs.
  • Self-sealing. The majority of mailers come equipped with their self-adhesives, saving you time and money on needing materials like packing tape.

While mailers are an obvious choice for shipping small items, their convenience does come at a hidden cost. Most traditional mailers are notoriously difficult to recycle. This is due to the plastic bubble lining that helps pad product being glued to the recyclable kraft paper. Consequently, most mailers are not recyclable at the curbside in many areas, which can burden customers with the task of needing to travel to find a suitable recycling drop-off point.

But thankfully, there are mailers that offer a more sustainable and affordable alternative. For example, the EverTec™ mailer uses an innovative paper lining that is curbside-recycling while still keeping the protective benefits of bubble wrap, such as water-resistance.

To learn more about finding the best mailer for your business and consumer needs, reach out to a packaging consultant at Crownhill Packaging today.

Find the Right Packaging Solution for Your Business with Crownhill Packaging

Making the right packaging decisions can seem daunting, especially when your customers’ satisfaction is at risk. At Crownhill Packaging, our packaging consultants are here to support your business, including when it comes to finding the right packaging materials for your product.

Plus, as one of North America’s largest packaging companies, we offer you unmatched expertise and access to the very latest innovation in the packaging space that will help you stand out. Contact us today to get started!

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