05 Apr
Packaging Distributors of America 2022 meeting in Nashville TN
Crownhill Takes Part in 2022 PDA Annual Strategy Meeting
Category: Blog
Packaging Distributors of America, a network of packaging providers Crownhill is proud to be part of, recently held its annual strategy meeting at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville,...
01 Feb
Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts
The Benefits of Custom Foam Packaging Inserts
Category: Blog, Packaging Solutions
While there are many factors that ruin a buying experience, one of the most disappointing ones has to be when a product arrives on your doorstep damaged. After all, as a buyer, you...
17 Dec
Best Ways to Fill Space in Your Shipping Box
The Best Ways To Fill Space In Your Shipping Box
Category: Blog, Crownhill Packaging Tips
Are you packaging products for your business? If so, it is likely you have already selected a sturdy packaging box to shield your product, quality packing tape to make sure everyth...
10 Dec
An image featuring 10 Crownhill Packaging team members, celebrating the diverse nature of Crownhill's workplace.
Crownhill’s Celebrating its 35th Anniversary!
Category: Announcements, Blog, Media
2021’s been quite the year. It’s been full of challenges, lot of change, and plenty of things to celebrate. Like the fact that Crownhill Packaging turned 35 this year. That’s right...
05 Oct
Winding Roads Festival Concert
Crownhill Sponsors the 2021 Winding Roads Festival
Category: Blog, Sponsorships
Crownhill Packaging is proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2021 Winding Roads Festival that recently took place in aid of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham. Learn more ...
29 Sep
Picture of a forest from the ground up, representing our new climate neutral website.
Our New Website is Now Climate Neutral
Category: Announcements, Blog, Certifications,...
The new Crownhill Packaging website is now officially climate neutral. As one of the largest packaging providers in North America, we’re aware of the impact our industry has on the...
22 Sep
An image of a computer monitor featuring the new website of Crownhill Packaging...
Crownhill’s New Website is Now Live!
Category: Announcements, Blog, Media
As a leader in the packaging industry for over 35 years, we understand the importance of making information on our products and services easy to read and readily accessible. That’s...
26 Aug
Curbside recyclable Ecojacket mailer
Discover Ecojacket™: A Sustainable & Curbside Recyclable Mailer
Category: Blog
Mailers are one of the most essential pieces in your packaging supplies arsenal. Lightweight and easily portable, mailers are ideal for shipping products efficiently and effectivel...
16 Jul
Crownhill Celebrates a Noteworthy Charitable Donation with Fellow PDA Members
Category: Announcements, Blog, Media, Philanth...
Crownhill Packaging’s been a proud member of Packaging Distributors of America for a while now—since June 2011, in fact. In that time, we’ve made countless friends and forged incre...
15 Jul
Cast vs Blown Stretch Wrap: What's the difference?
Cast vs Blown Stretch Wrap: What’s the difference?
Category: Blog
Cast vs Blown Stretch Wrap: What’s the difference? Stretch wrap, also known as plastic film, is a highly elastic wrap commonly used to secure a pallet. There are many differe...
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