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Everything to Get Your Products to the Coasts and Beyond in Honor of Maritime Day

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The shipping industry has been the single greatest enabler of global business operations, allowing products to move across the world affordably. Massive infrastructure projects like the Suez and Panama Canals, as well as the lock systems in major rivers like the Rhine and St. Lawrence, have been created to facilitate sea trade.  On Maritime Day, we want to pay tribute to these great achievements.

The United States and Canada use their maritime ports to export billions of dollars worth of products ranging from advanced military vehicles, to the East Coast’s famous lobsters, and thousands of other items. Unlike the relatively steady conditions of roads and rail, sea conditions can be very rough and many items that aren’t adequately prepared, suffering significant damage throughout the trip.

For North American products taking this trip, they must be packaged in a way that complies with the American Association of Railroads (AAR). This organization sets guidelines on packaging requirements for products traveling by rail and overseas, helping to ensure the safety of products and personel. Failure to comply with these standards can have a significant impact on a company, with high fines being levied, in addition to the costs associated with removing & repackaging products. The time it takes for the repackaging process can cause delays for urgent products, compromising your company’s reputation among customers.

Abiding by the AAR is a good business practice that avoids unnecessary risks. Crownhill Packaging works with a variety of suppliers that ensures your packaging, pallet strapping, pallet wrap, and all other packaging solutions are AAR compliant. Our lab is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). By using atmospheric preconditioning, vibration, and shock (including drop, horizontal impact, and inclined impact), our lab ensures that products can withstand these long journeys and the unique conditions that accompany them.

The AAR is suggesting the use of dunnage bags, and there have been talks about making them mandatory for both rail and sea transport. The use of dunnage bags helps fill the space between skids, preventing damage from packed skids connecting with each other. However, there need to be special considerations placed on their use, especially when being used to fill space in between a container/trailer wall and your skid. Dunnage bags are made to be positioned between smooth surfaces, as rough surfaces have the potential to pop them mid-transport. However, adding a honeycomb barrier between a wall and the skid enables added protection and significantly reduces this risk.

The massive use of maritime ports has created a significant demand for products that create and maintain their infrastructure. Each day thousands of parts & products find the port as their final destination; for these products being stored (even temporarily) in maritime environments, the salty air and humidity can accelerate corrosion and cause severe damage. To help ensure corrosion or loss doesn’t happen to items, VCI bags and films should be used to protect them. Ensuring a VCI protection solution is sealed around a product is essential, as any opening can compromise the integrity of the whole item. By using VCI protection products are placed an enviroment that is isolated from the external threats.

We look forward to helping ensure your products safely make it across lakes, rivers, and oceans to service your valued customers. For all your inquiries regarding packaging products bound for ports and beyond, don’t hesitate to contact

Crownhill Wishes You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve been lucky this year, with St. Patricks day falling on Sunday, which means a full weekend of celebrations. On St. Patrick’s Day every year, people around the world come together to celebrate Irish culture, wear tons of green, and of course, throw a massive party.  In preparation for this grand celebration, gallons of beer is brewed, packaged and shipped to bars, retailers, and even directly to consumers.

Our society has radically changed since the first North American St. Patrick’s Day celebration in 1737; however, the importance of getting beer from brewer to consumer safely has timeless significance. Barrels have changed to metal kegs, horse-drawn carriages have been replaced by 18-wheel trucks, and an exclusively bottled product during the first celebration has evolved to being increasingly purchased in cans. As cans become a more popular option (offering the advantage of durability, price, and safer handling) beverage suppliers need to find new and exciting ways to communicate with consumers.

Shrink wrapping and shrink bundling is used to hold beer for good reason, as it offers strong holding power, is recyclable, and is easy to remove both from a retailer and consumer standpoint. Everything seems to turn green on this great Sunday, especially promotions and packaging. What noticeably isn’t, for the most part, is the shrink wrap that most beer offered in North America is packaged in. The clear shrink option provides consumers a chance to see your product, but for most consumers buying full cases, they are very familiar with your products aesthetics. For those being introduced to your brand, they tend to buy in smaller quantities where the shrink is already removed.

Branded packaging offers the chance to add additional content that won’t fit on the can, due to the inherent limitations of its cylindrical shape. Also, branded packaging provides an opportunity to inform customers of time-sensitive news without cluttering your product.  

For those seeking a more economical option, colored shrink wrap is readily available and can be used to help your product ride the hype that comes with holidays, such as Independence Day (red, white & blue), Christmas (green, red or white), and Halloween (black or orange).

The durability of canned beer in shrink-wrapped cases is only as good as how its transported. Custom packaging solutions ensure that your skid can bear the weight of your load and that the products on the pallet are safely supported. We create a system where your skid, stretch wrap, and product packaging all work in harmony.

 Crownhill ensures products can remain perfect through their journey, by conducting ISTA lab testing that simulates the many conditions a product will face. By utilizing Crownhill’s custom packaging solutions, you can be assured your product arrives safely and appeals to consumers either on display or when they receive it at home.

We’re looking forward to enjoying our St. Patrick’s Day Sunday and hope you do too. Please enjoy your delicious brews safely and responsibly, remembering the care that went into getting them to you.

Crownhill Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

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The globalized business world is a machine with lots of moving parts. Typically, we think of these moving parts as gears and cogs, represented by multinational corporations and the strategic decisions of their management. While these do have major effects, it is not what truly powers the modern business world.  What powers this mighty machine hasn’t changed since the beginning of time: it’s the efforts of every single worker around the globe. An employee’s contributions to fueling the machine are often forgotten, but not here at Crownhill.

We know that our operations are as strong as the gifted individuals who make up our team, and we have been able to capture top talent across our offices in Waukegan, Brampton and Collingwood. These individuals make the most of their time and the resources provided to them, to deliver stellar results, and utilize their charisma to make our workplace a great place to come to.

Many tasks require a great amount of collaboration between many individuals to work smoothly, and we have many members of our staff working hard to ensure they happen daily. To fulfill our daily just-in-time inventory deliveries, each purchaser orders the right inventory, logistics coordinators make sure the transportation is available, our warehouse personnel commit to the laborious task of loading specific inventory onto this transportation, our drivers ensuring goods are delivered safely and on time, and many other staff members work behind the scenes enable this scenario to play out.

Not only do we have this teamwork in a single office, we have team members in the United States and Canada working together every day, sharing knowledge and utilizing their unique expertise to solve issues that span the continent. These people use their unique cultural perspectives to tackle problems from multiple sides and use diversity as a strength.

We also want to thank the employees of our many suppliers and purchasers whose efforts allow the packaging industry to thrive. We owe our gratitude to the employees of these suppliers that enable the manufacturing and creation of goods, that fuel our operations, and enable us to offer so many different solutions. We are also very grateful to the employees of our valued purchasers, who have supported us in our 32 years of business, we continuously look forward to collaborating with the dedicated members of your management teams conquering your packaging challenges together.  It’s these phenomenal employees that help protect the products that have enabled global increases in quality of life.

We not only want to thank employees for the valuable work they do every day, but also the professional advancement and personal growth that goes above and beyond. We are constantly seeing employees finding more efficient ways of working, eager to learn skills to be better in their role, and seeking out new opportunities for Crownhill to be more successful. Crownhill knows that personal growth and employee morale has huge ramifications for organizations, and we pride ourselves on creating a positive work environment that encourages this. The personal development of our employees increases cohesion, fosters creativity, and allows for a greater productivity to occur. The actions of our employees to grow professionally and personally, creates big changes, and we want to recognize them for this.

The world is changing in a big way for employees across many organizations. As automation is embraced, many employees are seeing doors close and feeling fear towards the future, but this future is to embraced rather than resisted. So many new opportunities are opening in this new age of intelligent robotics, these tools are merely enabling greater productivity for individual workers, new avenues for business success, and employees to reach a potential that was never available to them before.

Once again, we want to recognize the incredible value each employee a part of our supply chain brings. We look forward to seeing the barriers these employees will break, and new heights they will reach in the near future.