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Crownhill Recognized at the Packaging Distributors of America Annual Meeting

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From May 19th to 22nd the Crownhill Packaging team attended the 2019 Packaging Distributors of America Annual Meeting, at the scenic Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona.

The 2019 Annual Meeting was a productive event that provided an abundance of networking opportunities, a chance for members to catch up on the latest in packaging news and best practices. Members and suppliers also had collaborative individual meetings as part of the 3-day agenda.

The event ended with an awards ceremony that recognized individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the PDA organization.

This year Crownhill Packaging’s E-Commerce Business Manager, Olivia Pietersen received the prestigious 2019 PDA Presidents Award. This award demonstrates Olivia’s commitment to the PDA and her efforts towards improving the organization’s digital presence.

Congratulations to the 2019 winners:

•    Member of The Year: Pacific Packaging

•    Supplier of The Year: Tach-It

•    Champion of The Year: Jack Andersen, Flexpak

•    Presidents Award: Olivia Pietersen, Crownhill Packaging

We also want to extend our thanks to PDA President, George Strobel as well as the PDA members and suppliers who made this annual meeting a fantastic experience.

Crownhill Awarded Tach-It® Top Dog Award

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Crownhill Packaging and Tach-It have a solid partnership and this year Tach-It decided to formally recognize Crownhill by awarding them with the PDA Top Dog Award. The award was given on May 21st during the Packaging Distributors of America’s Annual Meeting held at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Arizona and represents exceptional growth of Tach-It distribution in the North American market.

Crownhill has been able to successfully bring to market Tach-It equipment due to our extensive knowledge on their product line, account managers who listen intently and gain a full understanding of the needs of their customers, and an organizational culture of thinking outside the box to find optimal solutions.

It’s been a big year so far for Crownhill and Tach-It, not only have we already used their equipment as a solution for many customers, Crownhill also became the first organization in Canada to obtain Tach-It credentials. In May, our maintenance team obtained the Certified Tach-It Technician credential that upgraded our ability to provide technical support and maintenance to the Tach-It equipment we sell. 

The relationship between Crownhill & Tach-It has been building over several years, with both organizations appreciating the others cooperative approach to solving supply chain issues. Tach-It stands out due to its adaptability, creating entry-level automation equipment to effectively solve customer issues as they arise, at a price point affordable to organizations of all sizes. 

We would like to thank the Tach-It team for this recognition, it is truly an honor. We also want to send our appreciation to our employees for helping us achieve this prestigious award.

Crownhill joins the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)

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We are honored and excited to be part of the APASS network developed by Amazon to  support Amazon vendors and sellers in certifying their products under Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging Programs guidelines.

Our APASS certification gives us the ability to help your organization’s ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) meet the guidelines set out under Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program within the framework of 3 certification tiers. Specifically Tier 1 – Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), Tier 2 – Ships-in-own-Container (SIOC) and Tier 3 – Prep-free Packaging (PFP).

These guidelines are being enacted on August 1st, 2019 and require all items with outer dimensions larger than 18x14x8 inches or weighing 20 pounds or more be certified as Ready to Ship. We have the expertise to determine which of the three tiers (Frustration-Free Packaging, Ships in Own Container, Prep-Free Packaging) specific products fit into, and provide you with the best packaging solutions to fulfill your orders through the E-commerce marketplace.

The purpose of these new guidelines is to reduce the number of times that a damaged or defective product is delivered.

Along with being a Registered ISO9001:2015 organization and long-standing market leading packaging materials provider, Crownhill Packaging is also a Certified ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Lab with the resources and technical expertise assist in designing, testing and validating optimal packaging for products involved in supply chain distribution.

July 31st, 2019 is the final day to register your ASINs for the one-time early adopter credit of $1.00/unit. If you’re an Amazon vendor and or need any assistance with Amazon’s new regulations, send us an email at

Courtesy of Amazon

Crownhill Upgrades its Tach-It® Product Line Expertise

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On May 8th Crownhill’s resident Tach-It experts, Account Manager, Tom Cools-Lartigue, and Maintenance and Equipment Service Manager, Jaidev Purohit, went to the Tach-It headquarters in New Jersey to get a deeper understanding of the Tach-It product line. Crownhill Packaging has had a close relationship with Tach-It being one of their primary partners in Canada and being an authorized dealer in the United States. We truly value their entry-level automation machines and view them as an innovative solution for businesses with packaging & labelling issues.

During their training, both Tom and Jaidev gained insights about the newest Tach-It equipment. Tom received an abundance of knowledge about the companies 2019 line of products and their capabilities, while Jaidev received product education that will upgrade Crownhill’s ability to provide technical support regarding all the Tach-It products. This training keeps our employee’s skills up-to-date and ensures we’re finding the best solution for all packaging inquires.

“When you have a partner like Crownhill who invests in product knowledge and supplier relations, you’re able to brainstorm new ideas, and the relationship becomes very beneficial. I really think this was a very worthwhile trip and will bring very positive results.”

–    Tach-It President, Steven Clements

During the trip, Jaidev became a Certified Tach-It Technician, giving him the ability to service a wide variety of their equipment. This achievement provides Crownhill Packaging with the distinction of being the only company in Canada to have Tach-It certification credentials.

Crownhill brings to market Tach-It equipment to provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including in the areas of tape application, labelling systems, bag sealing and shipping room tools. Our customers have been amazed at what these relatively simple machines can do, and we see an increase in the demand for Tach-It products every year.

Thanks to Steven Clements and the Tach-It team for their hospitality and valuable education on their diverse product line. For any inquiries related to Tach-It products, email us at

Crownhill Attends Foam Expo North America

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Crownhill prides itself on staying up to date with current trends, and attending trade shows gives us an opportunity to research and identify industry shifts in a functional environment. Foam Expo North America was held in Novi, Michigan, on March 26th to the 29th, where Crownhill Vice President, Rodney Taylor, and Director of Sales, Mike Cancilla attended to gain industry insight. Foam’s versatility makes it a key part of our product line, and being part of the world’s largest trade show for the technical foam industry is an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss.

Foam offers many advantages in packaging; it’s high strength, nonabrasive and cost-effective. Crownhill utilizes foam to protect a wide variety of objects, with a particular focus on fragile products, delicate items and objects with sharp points/edges.

Over the three-day conference, our team gained valuable information, met with many suppliers and purchasers, and learned from some of the top names in the technical foam industry. We conversed with well-known suppliers including Intertape Polymer Group, Pregis, and Sealed Air, creating and strengthening relationships. We were also able to gain a wealth of knowledge about sustainable foam options including reusable, biodegradable, and curbside recyclable foam that will allow us to both serve our customers and communities better.

B2B Matchmaker Meetings were a new feature this year that allowed exhibitioners and attendees to pre-book meetings with each other to take place in dedicated areas. We were able to access this by using the ‘Smarter Shows’ app, that put everything going on at our fingertips and enabled us to effectively organize our time. The app allowed us to be able to have time for formal meetings, informal networking, exploring the tradeshow, and attending guest speakers.

The Tradeshow gave us the ability to see live product demonstrations from MacTac on their clean acrylic adhesives, Rubberlite on HyPUR-cel polyurethane foams, and Avery Dennison on Pressure-Sensitive Tape Construction. These demonstrations allowed us to gain an applied understanding of these new advancements in foam technology that we could take home and apply to our custom packaging solutions.

Foam Expo helped Crownhill discover both new foam options and additional uses for our existing product line. We’re looking forward to next year’s Foam Expo and can’t wait to see how the technical foam industry evolves by then.

You can learn more about Crownhill’s foam options and capabilities by visiting: //

Crownhill Packaging Attends PX Summit

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Last week was an exciting week for Crownhill, with us publishing content about our PAC Award & Spring Packaging Trends, as well as our Pinnacle Award Press release being featured by the Digital Journal. We also attended the Packaging Experience Summit on March 19th and 20th in Seattle, Washington. Our Vice President Ken Wong, Director of Strategy & Operations Marc Hyman, and E-Commerce Business Manager Olivia Pietersen flew to the Pacific Northwest, to attend the summit at the Hotel Interurban.

The event gave us an opportunity to explore how new technology is improving the packaging industry and how digitization is impacting our traditional ways of conducting business. At this conference we gained new custom packaging insights by learning from professionals in a variety of related industries. It allowed us to explore the unique packaging capabilities of the West Coast and inspired new ideas. It also assisted our team in keeping up to date on the best ways to serve our clientele, by giving us an inside look on how our services can evolve to best participate in the future of packaging.

One of the most interesting parts of the experience was the opportunity to network with suppliers, distributors, and customers — many of whom not only shared valuable lessons with us but also helped make our time a memorable one. We’re looking forward to staying in touch with these contacts and letting these fledgling relationships blossom. 

This year had a remarkable lineup of speakers, including HP Inc. Global Brands Innovation Manager, Doris Brown McNally, Pregis Vice President of Marketing, Dache Davidson, and Georgia-Pacific, LLC. Vice President of National Graphics, Ted Samotis. These experts spoke about pressing packaging topics such as The Supply Chain Benefits of Digital Print Production Packaging Damage and Its Impact on Consumer Sentiment. The lessons from these speakers are something the team will take home and share with the rest of Crownhill to help our business stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, the summit provided us the opportunity to hear from PX Summit Organizer, President of The BoxMaker, Richard Brown who gave a phenomenal welcome address, that detailed how digital print is enabling brands to create one-on-one conversations with their consumers through packaging. He also gave a tour of The BoxMaker’s extraordinary plant where we saw the capabilities of new machinery, efficiencies created from an organized plant, and how the manufacturer is using people and processes to stay competitive.

Thank you to everyone at The BoxMaker, and the PX Summit team — we’re looking forward to what next year’s event brings.

Crownhill Awarded PAC Worldwide Pinnacle Award

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The PAC Worldwide Pinnacle award is given out to only one organization annually, and Crownhill Packaging received the distinction on March 11th, 2019. This award is given to a PAC partner that understands the extent of PAC’s product line and uses them to help their customers, as well as a partner that has their values aligned with PAC’s vision for the future of packaging. 

PAC Worldwide is a global supplier of innovative poly bubble mailer technology that works with Crownhill’s operations throughout North America. They have been a key part of our operations for the past 15 years, and in that time the relationship has become very tight, due to a constant effort by both sides to strengthen their supplier and customer connections.

“We’re honored to receive this award. We’ve been working with PAC for many years, and are constantly communicating back and forth with them. Crownhill is in the business of being a vital part of many companies supply chain, and we are continually telling customers how important their supply chain is. I feel this award provides that validity that we are practicing what we preach and shows our commitment to our logistics network.”
– Ken Wong, Vice President of Crownhill Packaging.

Crownhill provides PAC mailers to almost every industry that ships through e-commerce. The fact that they’re recyclable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly makes them the perfect option to protect an assortment of offerings in a company’s product line.

The Crownhill Packaging team receiving the PAC Worldwide Pinnacle award on March 11th.

PAC mailers have gone beyond the e-commerce world, and Crownhill has provided them as an option both for retailers who frequently transfer product between retail locations at special request and for delivery companies that need mailing solutions for consumers sending products to each other.

Our relationship with PAC has thrived due to being like-minded innovators, who commit to providing the best packaging solutions for our customers. We’re honored to receive this Pinnacle Award from PAC Worldwide, and we’re looking forward to many years of growth together.

Crownhill Partners with Packaging Distributors of America to Participate in Digital Marketing Seminar

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As the digital age progresses to bring more of the world online and becomes more entrenched to those currently connected digitally, it’s becoming essential for marketers within the packaging industry to understand how to communicate effectively through the internet. Marketing has been evolving in the last decade, with companies who found little need for a marketer now finding it a key part of their lead and customer acquisition strategy.

Crownhill Packaging is a proud member the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) and is very involved with the organization, as exemplified by Crownhill Vice President Ken Wong serving as PDA Chairman of the Board. This year, Crownhill continued its involvement, assisting the organization with its annual marketing seminar. Over the past two days, E-Commerce Business Manager Olivia Pietersen shared personal insights on how digital developments, marketing strategy, and software tools can assist companies in the packaging industry convey the value they provide.

Packaging is everywhere and is the unsung hero of the world where product convenience is key and home delivery through digital ordering is commonplace. To elevate it from this unsung status, marketers need to create a discussion about the effectiveness not only of product protection, but also customized labelling, distribution services, and many other products & services that Crownhill and other packaging distributors a part of the PDA network offer.

 The seminar also included providing participants with the resources they need to create long term marketing success. A marketing dictionary, digital checklists, a guide to online sources, and many more resources allows participants to explore the world of marketing themselves and tailor solutions to unique issues facing their enterprise.

Crownhill thanks Olivia Pietersen and Stephanie Roland of Twenty-Five Apart for their devotion to strengthening the PDA network and we are looking forward to participating in many more great seminars.

Congratulations to the impressive Winners of the 2018 Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

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Photo of Director of Strategy and Operations, Marc Hyman, presenting the award for Best Omni-Channel Retailer- Large to Best Buy Canada

Canada Post created another masterpiece Gala this year at the Fairmont Royal York. The world of commerce operating in the digital sphere has continued to grow in 2018 and Crownhill Packaging is happy to be part of the Canada Post E-commerce Awards. This award shows appreciation to the movers and shakers in their respective industry, who are making the strategic decisions that matter. Canada Post has gathered experts from the Public, Social Networking, Technological, Accounting, and Academic sectors to judge the winners this year. These winners are awarded up to $150,000 worth of credits that can be used through Canada Post’s marketing services, to improve their already stellar E-commerce strategies.

Crownhill Packaging is pleased to present the Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award – Large’ to ‘Best Buy Canada’. Best Buy entered Canada during the era before the E-commerce explosion, but has quickly adapted to the digital world of commerce, creating an extensive online catalogue and focusing its marketing efforts on supporting digital promotions especially on Cyber Monday. By keeping its eyes peeled for online trends and utilizing the data available from its massive social media following the company has been able to gain great brand resonance among businesses and consumers alike.

The sponsorship of this award is dear to Crownhill Packaging, as we have had the pleasure of assisting many omni-channel retailers varying from startups to multinational corporations in providing full service packaging solutions. From corrugate shipping containers to custom foam and bubble cushioning, Crownhill has been able to protect products of all shapes and sizes, from the manufacturing centers to living rooms across Canada and United States.

Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award – Large (Sponsored by Crownhill Packaging)
Best Buy Canada

Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award – Small

Most Disruptive Start-Up Award

Best Marketing & Brand Engagement Award
Big Al’s

Pure Play of the Year Award – Large

Pure Play of the Year Award – Small

Social Impact Award
London Drugs

Canada Post E-commerce Innovator’s Award

Photo of this year’s winners. Courtesy of Canada Post.

Thank you to Canada Post for hosting a great Gala and for putting in the great time and effort it takes recognize these exceptional organizations. Congratulations to all winners, all of us at Crownhill can’t wait to see how these companies innovate in the coming year.

Crownhill Packaging Sponsors 2018 Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

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The Canada Post E-commerce Awards have become a staple of Crownhill Packaging’s sponsorship efforts and we are proud to once again be a part of them in 2018.

Our sponsorship of the awards show enables a celebration of a year of organizations large and small, pioneering big ideas in the realm of e-commerce. From startups creating shockwaves throughout entire industries, to established players adapting to new realities and facing the challenges that come with them head on. These ideas come with great risks, and affect not only the companies that commit to them, but provide a valuable learning experience for many others that can apply what’s being done to their own strategic plans.
This year Crownhill Packaging is honored to be the sponsor of the ‘Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award- Large’ that recognizes corporate leaders who are committing to innovation in the e-commerce realm, utilizing their digital presence to support their brick-and-mortar stores and vice versa. Over the last year many large, historic retailers have suffered due to their resistance to the changing nature of retail itself, but these retailers have embraced change and used it to strengthen their brand position. This ability to adapt, and cohesion between the business of clicks and bricks, is a value Crownhill Packaging holds dear to its corporate identity. Crownhill has a continuing commitment to improving its digital presence, and utilizing technology in new and exciting ways.

These are the Categories and their respective Finalists for 2018.

Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award – Large (Sponsored by Crownhill Packaging)

  • Best Buy Canada
  • FGL Sports Ltd.
  • Indigo Books & Music
  • Mark’s
  • Staples Canada

Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award – Small

  • Big Al’s
  • Dunbar Cycles
  • Livestock
  • Ricardo Media

Pure Play of the Year Award – Large

  •  Jewlr
  • Manitobah Mukluks
  • Marché Goodfood
  • TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice•

Pure Play of the Year Award – Small

  • Canadian Down & Feather
  • Momzelle
  • MUR Lifestyle
  • Parts Avatar
  • Kanevas

Best Marketing and Brand Experience Award

  • Big Al’s
  • Carnivore Club
  • Oatbox
  • TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice

Most Disruptive Start-Up Award

  • Desk Nibbles
  • Fun-In-The-Box
  • Kanevas
  • Loch
  • Mme L’Ovary

Social Impact Award

  • Aux P’tits Cadeaux Inc.
  •  Kotn
  •  London Drugs
  •  Manitobah Mukluks
  •  Running Room Canada

This year has a phenomenal amount of strategic talent from across over a dozen industries, being judged by professionals who are leaders in their respective field, from across the country.We’re looking forward to the Canada Post Awards Gala on September 20th where the winners will be announced at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Best of luck to all nominees, and thank you for your efforts to make Canada a great place to do business.