Children’s Aid Society of Toronto Supported by Crownhill Packaging

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Children’s Aid Society of Toronto Supported by Crownhill Packaging

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto Supported by Crownhill Packaging

Alongside our donation to Collingwood G&M Hospital, Crownhill Packaging continues to show our support for helping essential sectors of our society with an additional donation to The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

In a time of increasing awareness and visibility of individuals who are seen as vulnerable in society, we might overlook some of the strongest survivors during this pandemic, children. Although many healthy children have some of the lowest hospitalization rates for COVID-19 and many seem to be asymptomatic, this should not make their welfare or safety any less of a priority than normal.

Children’s Aid Society protect the vulnerable by providing sanctuary and support for children who are experiencing physical or emotional neglect. Even without the current pandemic in force, their dedicated team of workers often place themselves in uncomfortable and distressing environments to ensure the safety of children across Toronto and Ontario. They also provide continual support for families facing hardship – now most likely increasing with the economic fallout of necessary lockdowns.

Lockdowns, however, hide another problem. With schools closed and staying at home being the “new normal”, children are now spending more time with their family than ever before. Unfortunately, while the world has stopped to prevent COVID-19, child abuse and neglect does not. Those who would normally play a vital role in alerting suspected cases to the authorities, such as teachers, friends and neighbors, are no longer in direct contact with vulnerable children. Instead, aid workers must go even further to investigate cases and keep children free from harm. More importantly, they may still need to enter properties and have continued contact with children, significantly increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmission among their staff.

How We Are Helping

While many of us are coping well with staying at home to prevent transmissions, staff at Children’s Aid Society of Toronto do not have this option. Their continued efforts to protect vulnerable children amidst a global crisis should be honoured, particularly when many of them have close family and friends also at risk of COVID-19 complications. To help keep staff and children safe, personal protective equipment is essential in reducing any chance of the virus spreading. Known as PPE, these items consist of face shields, goggles and overalls that protect individuals from passing the virus onto another. However, with an international shortage of equipment and a high demand across all essential sectors, organizations such as Children’s Aid struggle to keep their staff adequately protected.

In response to this challenge, Crownhill Packaging has chosen to manufacture and donate face shields for workers. By using our existing equipment and materials, we hope that these shields will serve the communities well and provide both staff and children with much needed reassurance for their wellbeing. To learn more about how we made our PPE, visit our YouTube channel.

We Can All Help

Although this pandemic has taken the world by surprise, there is positivity for the future. Provincial governments are reporting a gradual decline in deaths caused by COVID-19 and are making plans to reopen society at a steady and safe pace. Vaccine development and testing are also in full swing, with the world’s greatest scientific institutions uniting to find a vaccine that will protect us all in the long-term. In the meantime, Crownhill Packaging would like to thank everyone who is doing what they can to aid society during this difficult time, no matter if they are working on the frontlines or remaining at home. We hope other businesses will join the fight by contributing what they can to support essential organizations such as Children’s Aid. Remember, even the smallest of offerings can benefit many.

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