Crownhill Celebrates a Noteworthy Charitable Donation with Fellow PDA Members

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Crownhill Packaging’s been a proud member of Packaging Distributors of America for a while now—since June 2011, in fact. In that time, we’ve made countless friends and forged incredible bonds with other distributors and suppliers. It’s safe to say we’re grateful to be surrounded by such smart, insightful and dedicated people.

So, when we also say we’re especially proud to celebrate a new achievement alongside our fellow PDA members, you’ll know we’re not being hyperbolic. During this year’s gathering of the PDA in Sarasota, Florida, our membership generated the largest charitable donation in the history of the organization!

An image of a speaker at the 2021 PDA meeting.Let’s back up just a bit. Founded in 2006, Packaging Distributors of America is a national association of forward-thinking packaging distributors and suppliers. Together, we’re dedicated to furthering the expertise and importance of the packaging industry. The PDA has now grown to include over 80 owner-operated facilities—each an important part of an unmatched national network of value, technology and custom packaging solutions.

An image of the welcome sign at the welcome reception for the 2021 PDA meeting.The June 2021 annual meeting—the first since the necessary cancelling of 2020’s annual meeting—brought together over 170 members of the PDA community. Everyone gathered to reconnect, relax, welcome new members, celebrate noteworthy achievements and take the opportunity to raise money for a great cause.

Across the four-day event, Packaging Distributors of America conducted several fun and interesting raffles for PDA members to take part in. During a truly memorable evening, special guest Joe Everson gave a unique real time art performance for all in attendance.

As America’s first and only singing action painter, Joe led PDA members in singing a rousing round of the national anthem while he memorably painted a gorgeous and stylized Statue of Liberty portrait live in front of them.

An image featuring the Statue of Liberty painting auctioned off during the 2021 PDA meeting.The finished painting was sold through a silent auction and now sits proudly on a PDA member’s wall. Along with funds raised through the raffles (and a match by the PDA itself), a record-making $20,000 contribution was raised! As the largest amount ever generated by the membership, it’s proudly being donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Established by noted actor, director, musician, producer and philanthropist Gary Sinise in 2011, the charitable organization serves, honors and helps America’s defenders, veterans, first responders, Gold Star families, and those in need.

We’d like to thank and celebrate every member of Packaging Distributors of America for their dedication and support for all our veterans and first responders. This wonderfully generous act demonstrates that the PDA isn’t just an association of the best distributors and suppliers in the packaging industry, but an incredibly caring and giving one as well. See everyone next year!

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