Crownhill Donates PPE to Collingwood G&M Hospital

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Crownhill Donates PPE to Collingwood G&M Hospital

Crownhill Donates PPE to Collingwood G&M Hospital

As part of our efforts to support society during COVID-19, Crownhill Packaging is pleased to announce a donation of PPE face shields to Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH).

COVID-19 has proven to be a significant challenge for healthcare systems around the world, including Canada’s. Originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has spread beyond attempts to contain it and is now a pandemic. With death tolls climbing to unprecedented figures and government lockdowns in place on nearly every continent, it has changed our lives more than anything else in living memory. As a consequence, many healthcare facilities are under strain and are doing their best to fight this virus.

One such example is Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. Under normal conditions, this hospital serves over 60,000 residents and sees up to 3.5 annual visits from people across the community, including some of Ontario’s most vulnerable and elderly. Given that COVID-19 is now placing a strain on resources, emergency protective equipment is scarce, with the hospital calling for donations for any unused equipment.

Why Crownhill Packaging Is Helping

Although many of us can stay safe at home, some members of society do not have this luxury. Frontline healthcare workers, from nurses and technicians to doctors and administrators, continue to work both in hospitals and out in the community at testing stations. Their brave efforts and their dedication to support public health and those in need is truly heroic. Many of these essential workers remain separated from families and may have had to move into separate accommodations, we can only thank them for their continued service.

Yet among the sudden abnormality of everyday life, one of the many challenges these workers now face each day is a lack of personal protective equipment. Consisting of items such as helmets, goggles and face shields, this gear protects individuals from viral particles that staff are likely to encounter in close contact with patients and the public. The equipment also helps to significantly reduce transmission rates between uninfected staff and patients, making sure that the vulnerable in need of urgent care are safe and that staff remain healthy.

More importantly, as human beings with families of their own, staff members deserve the same of amount of safety and protection as the rest of society.

To provide support for these essential workers here in Ontario, Crownhill has manufactured and donated face shields to CGMH. It is hoped that these shields will safely protect workers as they test, treat and care for residents afflicted by COVID-19.

To discover more about how we manufactured these face shields, visit our YouTube channel. We sincerely hope that other businesses may join in the support by making use of the equipment and resources available to them where possible.

The Future

Despite the confusion and anxiety of the current times, there is some positivity for the future. Hospitalization rates are descending to manageable levels, and efforts for a vaccine have been ramped up across the globe, with some of the world’s most skilled scientists working to protect the population against further outbreaks. In the meantime, Crownhill Packaging is honoured to support our healthcare system and would like to thank all Canadians and Ontarians who are doing their part in safeguarding society. Whether staying at home or serving on the frontlines, it is important we remember that everyone can contribute in protecting our nearest and dearest.


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