Crownhill Gets an Inside Look at The Future of E-Commerce Delivery with FedEx

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Crownhill Gets an Inside Look at The Future of E-Commerce Delivery with FedEx

This year, Crownhill’s focus has been on creating e-commerce packaging solutions and ensuring online purchases can arrive safely. We’ve been meeting with e-commerce retailers, sellers, and fulfilment companies to gain a better understanding of the best packaging e-commerce orders.

From July 25th to the 28th, Vice Presidents Ken Wong and Rodney ‘Rodot’ Taylor got the opportunity to meet with many e-commerce superstars when they attended the 2019 WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational Golf Tournament in Memphis, Tennessee. This weekend was less about golf and more about looking at the future of e-commerce delivery at the VIP FedEx Cabana.

At the Cabana, they networked with top executives and gain insight into FedEx’s delivery process that many e-commerce ordered products go through. The highlight of the experience happened when they met the FedEx SameDay Bot Roxo™ that gave them an inside look at the future of e-commerce.

The FedEx SameDay Bot Roxo™ is a robot that can maneuver through streets and neighbourhoods to deliver packages to the homes of consumers. The robot combines GPS, sensors, and artificial intelligence to find the best route, while keeping itself and those surrounding it safe. Able to get through puddles, maneuver up steep inclines, and climb stairs, Roxo™ is perfectly suited to bringing people their precious purchases.

Our VPs instantly recognized that Roxo™ will revolutionize the e-commerce delivery system. Its functionality makes it a key way to solve the last mile problem (where major costs are incurred during the last mile of delivery) and helps ease the traffic congestion crisis happening in many major cities.

Roxo™ is currently in the testing stage, but we’re already brainstorming the best packaging designs for the delivery system. By the time Roxo™ begins its deliveries, we will have tested and true packaging solutions for our customers using FedEx.

We want to send our appreciation to FedEx for their hospitality at the FedEx Cabana and for sponsoring the St. Jude Invitational. We also want to thank our partner PAC Worldwide for being a key part of our supply chain.

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