Crownhill Joins CME’s Ontario Made Program

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Crownhill Joins CME’s Ontario Made Program

Crownhill Joins CME’s Ontario Made Program

With the global economy taking an unexpected turn due to the coronavirus pandemic, the public’s economic attention has turned from global to local. Recognizing the significant importance of local businesses on communities and equipped with a greater sense of environmental responsibility, more and more Canadians are choosing to support local businesses over their international competitors.

To mark our support for encouraging local business, Crownhill is pleased to announce our membership to the Ontario Made Goods Program, launched by CME and the Ontario government.

Who is CME?

Known as Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, CME has nearly 150 years of experience in supporting thousands of manufacturers across Canada reach their full potential. CME’s reach is expansive, representing well over 30 different manufacturing associations. Lead by a diverse team of leading manufacturers, CME champions Canadian businesses both in government and abroad through competitive and actionable policy work.

Why Choose Ontario Made Goods?

As one of the nation’s leading provinces for innovative industry, Ontario is the core heartland of manufacturing in Canada. Indeed, manufacturing has boosted employment and built thriving communities across Ontario, supplying well over a million jobs to the province. This is especially true in smaller towns and rural areas, where factories and manufacturing facilities have given rise to communities known for their warm and welcoming nature.

Purchasing Ontario made goods also offers a significant advantage for the environment, as buying locally reduces the emissions incurred from transporting goods that are made overseas. For consumers, their choice to buy Ontario made goods means they not only help support their neighbours and community, but it also helps to reduce their environmental impact worldwide.

Though times are uncertain for all of us and we are now experiencing a major turning point in Canada’s economic future, there is still plenty to be optimistic about going forward. Thanks to initiatives such as the Ontario Made Program, we believe we can come of out this stronger and more united than ever before.

A Dedication to Supporting Ontario Businesses

Just like CME, Crownhill Packaging is dedicated to supporting our clients across Ontario and Canada. Now more than ever, we remain committed to providing quality packaging that our clients and their customers can rely on. We look forward to seeing more local businesses engage in this program and showcase the best this province has to offer!

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