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An image featuring 10 Crownhill Packaging team members, celebrating the diverse nature of Crownhill's workplace.

2021’s been quite the year. It’s been full of challenges, lot of change, and plenty of things to celebrate. Like the fact that Crownhill Packaging turned 35 this year.

That’s right, we’re fortunately able to bring this year to a close by proudly celebrating 35 years of success, expertise (and fun) in the packaging industry. And by taking stock of who and what’s made it possible for us to get here.

Packaging Solutions Start Here®

Crownhill Packaging was founded in Southern Ontario, Canada in November 1986 and had just one employee—John Ponzo. In the years that followed, we grew in plenty of ways, expanding our warehouse space and adding a lot of talented and dedicated people to our team.

In 2008, Crownhill expanded operations into the United States, setting up shop in Waukegan, Illinois. The following year, in 2009, we became parent company to Dollies and Boxes Unlimited, a specialty moving supply business in Scarborough, Ontario. And in 2011, we joined the Packaging Distributors of America as their first and only organization member to operate in both Canada and the United States.

Crownhill Packaging now operates out of four offices in two countries, and is proudly headquartered in Brampton, Ontario (just outside of Toronto), one of the most diverse and multi-cultural cities in both Canada and the world.

35 Years of Success, Expertise, Fun

Becoming part of such a wonderful industry has let us build up three and a half decades of insight and experience in packaging. We’re not only thankful for all we’ve learned, and all the businesses and people we’ve formed lasting connections with, but for the chance to enrich this industry through taking on some forward-thinking projects and policies.

One of those projects is the development of Right Mailers™, a patent pending evaluation system designed for businesses and delivery services to right-size their shipping packaging and improve their chances of First Delivery in this e-commerce-centric world. Be sure to stop by the Right Mailers™ page, in our Shipping Tools section, and test out the packaging calculator.

Part of those policies includes ensuring that Crownhill Packaging and its customers can have access to environmentally conscious and sustainable packaging offerings. That includes products such as eco-friendly mailers and cold chain products designed to lessen reliance on plastic and chemicals.

We’ve also recently set out to ensure that even our digital actions consider the well-being of this wonderful planet of ours. Crownhill’s digital assets are now entirely climate neutral through our participation in a carbon offset program with ClimatePartner. If you’re interested in learning more (it’s pretty cool), be sure to read our climate neutral blog post about it.

Above all, our success in this industry and our ability to pursue all these interesting opportunities comes down to the people who work here. The diverse nature and inclusive backgrounds, educations, and points of view of our team are invaluable.

Their efforts, insight, and dedication have shaped the vision and values that Crownhill Packaging has been blessed to live by—and continue to live by today.

Crownhill Packaging – Corporate Values

  • We are Customer-Centric; everything we do is focused on providing the best customer experience possible. If we serve the customer everything else will fall into place.
  • At our core we are all Entrepreneurs. The spirit to build, create, problem solve, work autonomously, and most importantly be accountable drives all our actions.
  • We are committed to being Agile, whether its decision making or responsiveness we will commit to a position and act quickly. Having a sense of urgency in everything we do is what makes us stand out amongst our peers.
  • We believe Family is one of the most important principles in our business. We treat each other like family members, and we recognize that personal family responsibilities are a priority for all individuals.
  • To stand out from the competition we must Innovate in all areas of our business. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible for our industry will continue to drive the success of our business into the future.
  • Our value proposition to our clients is built on a foundation of Collaboration. We can accomplish our collective goals and continue to succeed if we work together as a team and build each other up in the face of great challenges.
  • Everything we do is rooted in delivering Quality. Whether it is a product, a service, or an experience we are constantly striving to ensure that everything is done at the highest level of quality.

“For 35 years, Crownhill Packaging has been fortunate to live by a vision centered on providing incredible service, insight and value,” says Ken Wong, Vice President. “That vision is a vital part of our DNA, and why we’ve been able to build such impactful, trusting, and lasting relationships with our customers,” adds Rodney Taylor, Vice President.

It’s been an incredibly educational, interesting, and fulling 35 years in the packaging industry. It’s no exaggeration to say we’re so excited to see what the next 35 brings.

We’d like to thank every member of the Crownhill Packaging team. Your dedication, determination, and friendly smiles, make it all worthwhile. And to all our clients and fellow packaging organizations, on behalf of Crownhill itself, thanks for being here. Packaging Solutions Start Here®

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