Crownhill Packaging Expands Sustainable Cold Chain Packaging Offering in Canada

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Crownhill expands sustainable cold chain packaging offering in Canada

Crownhill Packaging Launches Sustainable Packaging in Canada

For over 60 years, packaging food and drink at a certain temperature relied heavily on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam®. The material offered many advantages that made it a mainstay across the globe, including affordability and ease of use. But over time, we have begun to discover the harmful effects of this material on our health and the environment, leading to the product being prohibited across several US states and cities in Canada, including Vancouver. Outside of these areas, many businesses acknowledge the problems of styrofoam yet also find it challenging to find a packaging material that offers the same amount of affordability and versatility. But that is about to change with Crownhill’s latest offering to businesses across Canada. Crownhill is pleased to announce a set of new additions to our Cold chain packaging product range by partnering with US manufacturer Vericool®.

Who is Vericool®?

Vericool® is a packaging manufacturer with a difference. Founded by Darrell Jobe, who was formerly incarcerated before going on to become a successful salesman and entrepreneur, the company has embraced the message of giving everyone a second chance regardless of their past. Given how damaged the environment has already become in our globalized world, Vericool’s innovation hopes to offer a second chance to businesses across North America by allowing them to choose a sustainable alternative for packaging.

Vericool Ohana Cooler

Vericool® Products

Through true innovation, Vericool® has been able to manufacture packaging products that offer a sustainable replacement to materials that are known to harm the environment and wildlife, including EPS foam products. Ranging from sustainable coolers, mailers and boxes, the company puts environment awareness and protection as its top priority, an ethos Crownhill collaboratively echoes while still providing packaging solutions businesses across Canada can continue to rely on.

The Advantage of Vericool® Products

The Vericooler® products offer an ideal option for businesses who need to package temperature-sensitive items, including food deliveries, laboratory samples, medicine and more! This is particularly relevant in these current times, with many products and services being delivered to homes rather than being bought in store. Similarly, with COVID-19 vaccines potentially becoming available to Canadians in the next year, pharmacies, laboratories and other medical organizations could significantly benefit from an effective insulated packaging solution that ensures product safety when shipping vaccines across the nation. There are also numerous financial benefits to the Vericool® product range. Vericool® and Crownhill Packaging both know that being environmentally responsible should be a positive and affordable decision, rather than a burden. For this reason, Vericool® products are made with the business owner in mind. To complement the excellent pricing, the packaging’s durability, advantageous temperature retention properties and sturdiness means products are less likely to be damaged or effectively spoiled in transit, improving customer satisfaction as a result. Crownhill is proud to be championing this cause and will be the first packaging supplier to offer businesses across Canada the opportunity to choose a more sustainable choice through Vericool® products.

Purchase Sustainable and Affordable Packaging from Crownhill Packaging

At Crownhill Packaging, we strive to push the boundaries of innovation and give our clients the stellar service they deserve, all while doing what we can to sustain the environment. If you are interested in using Vericool® products as part of your service or just want to learn more about them, please contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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