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Crownhill Packaging Achieves ISTA Certification & Certified Laboratory Status

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently achieved Certified Testing Laboratory accreditation from the world renowned International Safe Transit Association. This ISTA certification demonstrates our strong commitment to transport packaging professionalism, and signals that as a Certified Testing Laboratory, we’re properly equipped to conduct ISTA package performance testing.

ISTA’s mandate is to enhance the effectiveness of package design and testing. Protocols, tools and educational programs are designed to be compliant with ISTA performance and environmental values. This way, factors such as costs, damages and resources can be controlled more accurately during the distribution of packaged products.

As one of the largest packaging material neutral solutions providers in North America, the ISTA certification allows us to perform validated packaged-product performance tests. Any organization involved in the distribution and shipping of packaged goods from point-to-point can avail themselves of our Certified Testing Laboratory abilities. Pre-shipment laboratory testing, along with a proper ISTA review of test results, is one of the few methodically-accepted and proven scientific processes for ensuring shipping and packaging confidence in today’s volatile transport environment.

Crownhill Packaging is committed to providing industry-best knowledge and techniques for our clients and their transport packaging needs. Packaging solutions start here.

Crownhill Packaging has achieved ISTA Certification

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