Crownhill Sponsors Winding Roads Festival 2019

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Crownhill Sponsors Winding Roads Festival 2019

On September 21st, 2019, The Big Brother & Big Sisters of North Durham (BBBSND) will throw their 4th annual Winding Roads Festival in Port Perry, Ontario. With Crownhill Packaging assisting as a sponsor, this year’s event will feature big names like George Canyon, Charlie Major, Marshall Dane and Robyn Ottolini.

The BBBSND hosts this fundraising event to create awareness and to provide music education to youth in the community. We’ve been incredibly impressed by the quality of the Winding Road’s previous concerts, and this has led to us sponsoring the event for the 3rd time.

The BBBSND connects older individuals to act as mentors for their younger counterparts, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship building is a value we share, and we apply it to our customer and supplier relations.

Alongside companies like TD Bank and Adamson Systems Engineering, Crownhill is helping increase the motivation, confidence, and happiness of children and youth across North Durham. Our sponsorship shows the innovative way we improve our community and represents the creative thinking we also apply to our packaging solutions.

We are a very proud sponsor of the event, and can’t wait for it to happen! For more information about this charitable initiative, check out our official Winding Roads Sponsorship Page.

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