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Curbside recyclable Ecojacket mailer

Mailers are one of the most essential pieces in your packaging supplies arsenal. Lightweight and easily portable, mailers are ideal for shipping products efficiently and effectively. But how effective are they when it comes to their environmental impact?

In this post, we will be exploring how eco-friendly mailers are and why the Ecojacket™ is a must-have addition for businesses wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and present an accessible solution to their consumers.

Are Mailers Eco-Friendly?

You might be surprised to hear that in many areas of North America, most mailers are not completely sustainable nor eco-friendly. In fact, compared to other packaging materials like cardboard boxes, mailers are well behind the times and many manufacturers and sellers are still unaware of this.

Let’s compare a variety of mailers to find out which one is the most environmentally-friendly for your consumer’s needs:

Poly Mailers

Poly mailers have an appearance that resembles an opaque plastic wrap. While their minimal size makes them excellent at being efficient to ship products, they do pose some challenges when it comes to recycling them.

The good news is that the majority of poly mailers are technically recyclable. The bad news is that they are not easily recyclable on the curbside and will have to be taken to a specific recycling centre to actually be processed.

This is problematic for many reasons, especially since many households might not know where their nearest recycling centre is nor have the means to get there. Unaware consumers might also attempt to dispose of them through curbside pick-up, which can later cause blockages or other forms of significant disruption in the filtering process at the recycling centre.

Bubble Wrap Mailers

Bubble wrap mailers offer a paper-based solution to packaging, so it is natural to assume they are recyclable. This is true, bubble mailers are recyclable, but they come with a caveat.

Unfortunately, bubble wrap mailers are much more difficult to recycle than you might think. Firstly, the signature bubble wrap interior is not recyclable whereas the paper is. Secondly, the wrap is so strongly adhered to the paper that it requires special machinery to separate the two materials, which cannot be achieved through most curbside recycling systems.

The Ecojacket™ Mailer

Ecojacket curbside recyclable mailer

While poly mailers and bubble mailers are effective at protecting items such as letters, cards, or even small parcels, they struggle to be truly environmentally-friendly. That’s where the Ecojacket™ comes in by offering a highly accessible mailer for all your consumers.

As well as being durable and presentable, the Ecojacket™ Mailer is easily recyclable, including on the curbside!

The Ecojacket™ comes packed with plenty of other advantages too, these include:

  • Easy to Open & Close – Nothing is more important than keeping packaging consumer-friendly, and the Ecojacket™’s seal does just that.
  • Professional Design – Demonstrate consistency with the Ecojacket™’s professional construction, designed from high-quality Kraft paper.
  • Security – Equipped with a side pouch that heat seals and strong bottom construction, the Ecojacket™ boasts superior bursting strength vital for protecting your products.

What Ecojacket™ Mailers Mean for Your Business

You might assume that sustainability is not a key priority among consumers when finding sellers, especially shoppers on e-commerce and online marketplaces who are happy to order from long-distances.

However, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and will scrutinize brands and their shopping choices.

In fact, it is estimated that 68% of consumers now actively select brands that reduce environmental impact. This is especially evident among younger consumers, who also happen to be driving sales in the e-commerce industry.

By choosing mailers like the Ecojacket™, you can demonstrate that your business is dedicated to meeting its environmental commitments and give consumers the easy-to-recycle solution they deserve and appreciate.

Obtain Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Crownhill Packaging

Crownhill Packaging is proud to pioneer the green revolution in the packaging industry. Over the past few years, we have championed the introduction of quality packaging materials to Canada and the US that are affordable yet also environmentally-responsible.

If you are interested in learning more about using the Ecojacket™ or our other sustainable packaging materials for your business, please contact our team. We are more than happy to help you find the packaging solution you and your consumers will appreciate!

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