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About Gaylord Boxes

Whether we realize it or not, cardboard boxes are a common sight in today’s society.

Used for nearly anything from online shopping to store household items, cardboard boxes are versatile containers and, as a result, make an excellent sustainable packaging solution for businesses and customers alike.

But out of all the cardboard boxes options available on the market, there is one type that stands out among the rest for its resilience: the Gaylord box.

In this post, we will be looking closely at the Gaylord box, highlighting what makes it special and how businesses can utilize it to support their operational goals. Learn more below!

What is a Gaylord Box?

A Gaylord box is a large, sturdy cardboard box that is typically used for storing and transporting heavy items. It is otherwise known as an octabin or a bulk box, depending on its purpose and shape.

These sturdy boxes are manufactured from corrugated cardboard and are designed to be able to hold a significant amount of weight without breaking or collapsing. Because of this resilience, they are often used in industrial and commercial settings, being particularly common in warehouses.

While they tend to be large in size, Gaylord boxes can be made in a wide variety of sizes, with the size of the box determined by the size of the items it will be used to store or transport. Quality Gaylord boxes should be able to store up to 1,500 pounds in weight, making them an ideal solution for storing and shipping heavy items in bulk.

What Can a Gaylord Box be Used for?

Gaylord boxes are used to store or transport large goods, especially if they are heavy or take up a lot of space. Their storage capabilities include a wide range of products, including anything from raw goods like metals and plastics to finished products like food and household goods. So whether you have a piece of furniture to ship or a large appliance to pack, a Gaylord box is a great choice!

Gaylord boxes may also be reused too. While they are like many cardboard boxes, in that they can lose some of their strength after their initial use, they can still be used for many basic tasks. This may include storing large amounts of documents or office equipment. A reused Gaylord box can be an affordable interim solution for storing items while moving homes or offices too.

Being made from cardboard, Gaylord boxes can also be recycled, helping you reduce packaging waste and the pressure on manufacturing of natural raw materials.

What are the Different Types of Gaylord Boxes?

There are several different types of Gaylord boxes available, each designed for a specific need. Some of the most common types of Gaylord boxes include:

Slip Sheet Gaylord Boxes

Slip sheet Gaylord boxes are designed to be used with a forklift. They get their name from a special slip sheet attached to the bottom of the box that allows the forklift to easily lift and move it.

Slip sheet Gaylord boxes are common in industrial settings and warehouses, where being able to transport heavy items in bulk is vital for smooth and efficient operations.

Foldable Gaylord Boxes

This type of Gaylord box is designed to be easily collapsed and stored when not in use. Their sides are foldable, allowing the structure to gently collapse and be stowed away neatly for future use. This reusability makes them an excellent packaging solution from a financial, logistical and environmental perspective.

Octabin Gaylord Boxes

Octabin Gaylord boxes are octagonal in shape and are often used for storing and transporting items such as bulk powders. These boxes are designed to be easily stacked and stored and are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

What are the Benefits of Using Gaylord Boxes?

There are several benefits to using Gaylord boxes, including:

Versatility – Gaylord boxes can be used for a wide variety of different purposes, including the storage and transportation of heavy and large items in bulk. This versatility makes them a popular choice in an industrial or commercial setting, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

Sturdiness – Gaylord boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, known for being resilient yet also lightweight. These boxes are designed to hold a significant amount of weight without breaking or being crushed. Gaylord boxes make a great solution for packing heavier items in bulk, including raw materials and appliances.

Recyclability – Many Gaylord boxes are made from recycled materials, making them a environmentally-responsible packaging material. As an extra plus, the boxes can be recycled when they are no longer needed. So, whether you want to reuse the Gaylord box for additional storage space, or simply want to recycle it, you can do it when it is most convenient for you.

Customization – Like many forms of cardboard packaging, Gaylord boxes can still be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. This includes adding branded touches like logos, labeling, and other custom features. There are many perks to customizing your packaging and Gaylord boxes can help you unlock them!

Cost-effectiveness – Keeping your business’ budget in mind is always important when it comes to selecting packaging and the good news is that Gaylord boxes are often more cost-effective than other types of packaging materials. Given that they are easily reusable and adaptable, you can reap the value of a Gaylord box multiple times before disposing of it for recycling.

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