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Crownhill Packaging Supports Fort McMurray and the Alberta Wildfires Response

On May 3rd, 2016, a wildfire swept through the communities of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. It prompted the largest wildfire evacuation in Canada’s history, forcing more than 80,000 people from their homes. Once evacuated, they had no idea of where they were going, when they’d return, or even if their homes would survive the fires. Though many found family or friends to stay with, others were left with nowhere to go.

Thanks to the power of technology and the incredible determination of people across Canada, the Canadian Red Cross coordinated the Alberta Fires Response, the largest domestic disaster response in their history. Tens of thousands of individuals and families displaced by the fires found the help they needed, including food, water and shelter provided by complete strangers who opened their doors to them.

Here at Crownhill Packaging, we’re dedicated to improving life where we can. It’s why we’ve worked hard to achieve manufacturing certifications that ensure we’re doing all we can to maintain the health of our environment. Though we were thousands of kilometers away, it was important for us to find a way to help with the relief efforts. Contributing to the Canadian Red Cross enabled us to do that.

The effects of the disaster have been tragic, but it’s been amazing to see our country come together in a time of need. As those affected endured one of the most difficult experiences of their lives, the work done by the Canadian Red Cross and its countless volunteers and supporters has helped to ease the strain and make us all proud.

Recently, we received a certificate from the Canadian Red Cross recognizing our contribution to the Alberta Fires Response and Fort McMurray relief efforts. It was an unexpected but wonderful reminder that we’re all connected in this country, and across the planet. Crownhill Packaging is thankful that we could assist our fellow Canadians when they needed help most.

Though it will take time for everyone to fully recover, we’re glad to know the Canadian Red Cross and its supporters are committed to helping everyone affected. It’s been heartening for us at Crownhill Packaging to hear the stories of families who have made it through together and are now surviving, healthy and strong.

Crownhill Packaging and the Alberta Fires Response

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