How Do I Choose The Right Packaging Materials For My Products?

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How Do I Choose The Right Packaging Materials For My Products

Whether you run a small business or manage a multinational enterprise, getting packaging right is a difficult task for nearly any business. There are so many different types of packaging materials on the market that it can be all too easy to pick the first option out of convenience.

However, taking the time to find the right packaging material for your products can help prevent common packaging mistakes that can hold both your product and customer experience back. Extra research on packaging types can significantly benefit your business and should be encouraged.

In this article, find out what packaging materials and products are best suited for each packaging need. Plus, discover how you can obtain quality packaging products and solutions that turn this information into impact for your business’ bottom line.

Product Characteristics

First, let’s consider your product overall. It is very important to align packaging to your product’s characteristics, such as its shape, density, weight and size.

Single smaller, lightweight items are fairly simple to package. Larger or heavier products will likely need stronger packaging and perhaps extra packaging materials like void fill. Similarly, if your product includes extra pieces like parts, these will need to be factored into your packaging.

You will also want to identify what can be packaged together and what will need separate packaging. In some products, it is common to pack similar parts together, like cables, manuals, or batteries. Placing these in smaller cardboard boxes or in plastic wrap is an option many businesses use. They also pair nicely with void fill like foam inserts that allow these smaller parts to remain in place.

If you are packaging sensitive goods like food or pharmaceutical goods, you will need to go an extra step further to make sure your packaging complies with industry regulations. See our final tip for more information on selecting packaging suited for sensitive products.

How Strong Is The Material?

Strength is a key factor when evaluating packaging. But finding the right level of resilience in your packaging can be a challenge. In fact, some businesses may not realize their packaging is easily crushed or broken until customers repeatedly complain about it. Alternatively, a business can put too much focus on excess packaging strength that they unknowingly neglect other factors in a successful packaging strategy like cost-efficiency and accessibility.

Generally, cardboard is a mainstay for product packaging because it offers a good balance of strength without adding weight. Materials like plastic, metal or glass are not commonly used for packaging as they can add unnecessary weight and make distribution more expensive.

Additionally, if you need to ship your product, you will definitely want to focus on this balance. Corrugated cardboard boxes are a popular option for many businesses because they are affordable, easily recyclable, and have stronger resilience than regular cardboard. You can easily scale corrugated cardboard packaging boxes without it adding pressure to your supply chain or putting a burden on your budget.

What Is The Budget For Packaging?

Budget is the ultimate deciding factor when finding the right packaging materials for your products. In general, the stronger and rarer the packaging material, the more expensive it will be. There are some expectations to this rule though, including sustainable packaging, which is becoming much more accessible and sometimes being cheaper than fossil-fuel based packages.

When shopping for packaging materials, you will want to find packaging products that are affordable. However, be mindful of packaging quality, especially if a price can appear too good to be true.

Poor quality packaging can easily harm a business by failing to protect products and causing brand reputation to sink. You will want to make sure packaging is thoroughly tested and sourced from a reputable buyer to prevent this. In fact, there are many other ways to save money on quality packaging.

Consider What The Unboxing Experience For The Customer Will Be Like

When it comes to marketing, your product’s packaging can have a bigger impact than you might imagine. Unboxing videos and social media posts have been extremely popular in recent years, especially for consumer items like electronics, fashion, souvenirs or home appliances. In fact, content made by influential buyers in your industry has the potential to reach thousands or even millions of potential buyers.

So by ensuring your product has a pleasant opening experience, you will demonstrate your business’ attention to quality from the outset.

To offer a quality unboxing experience, select packaging that:

  • Shows efficiency – Too much packaging can be frustrating for buyers, especially if it is difficult to reuse or recycle locally. Excessive void fill materials like paper wrap is a common offender that many businesses forget to optimize.
  • Demonstrates quality – Packaging features like tamper-proofing or waterproofing can help ensure your product is opened in excellent condition with no damage.
  • Is accessible to open – Some types of packaging can be harder to open and this can irritate consumers. Consider adding peelable or tearable openings so that buyers do not need to cut or prize a package apart as this could damage the product. Be mindful about choosing packaging that could create sharp edges or be unsafe for children.
  • Has an aesthetic that appeals to your buyer – The packaging’s design should reflect both your brand’s message and align with your typical buyer’s identity. If your product is commonly bought to be a gift, consider customizing your packaging to make seasonal trends or adding a gift wrapping process.

Promoting Your Brand

Similar to unboxing, your product packaging is an excellent way to showcase your brand and appeal to your buyer. Most forms of product packaging are easily customizable, but you can also extend this benefit to your shipping packaging too. This includes anything from custom cardboard boxes to branded void fill.

Learn more about how custom packaging can benefit your brand and business here.

Moisture & Temperature

The final tip to finding the right packaging materials for your product is to consider how your product reaches its buyer and if it has any sensitivities. The two most common causes of product damage is moisture and temperature. This is especially relevant for e-commerce businesses that will need to ship products from a few locations to many different locations across a wide range, with each area having its own shipping challenges.

Some packaging materials that can handle the elements better than others. For example, paper-based products succumb to moisture more easily, especially if they come into direct contact with water or are left in a warm, humid environment. Fortunately, some packaging companies provide well-insulated corrugated cardboard boxes that hold their own against the elements. Other alternatives are plastic boxing or wrap, which can seal a package and reduce exposure to moisture.

Be sure to research any industry regulations on shipping perishable goods, particularly medicinal products that could pose a risk of harm to the consumer. Thermal packaging is commonly relied upon in this industry due to its superior resistance to temperature changes.

Regardless of your product, all businesses will want to ensure their packages offer some resistance against mild environmental factors like humidity or extreme heat or cold. If you are unsure if your product is susceptible to damage from moisture and temperature, consider testing your product or getting a product or packaging consultant to assist you.

If You Need Help Looking For The Right Packaging Solutions For Your Business, Contact Crownhill Packaging!

While it may seem daunting at first, it is clear that researching your packaging options can set your business’ packaging strategy up for success.

If you are looking for assistance or want to buy packaging from an industry-leading supplier, consider contacting Crownhill Packaging. As innovators in the packaging space, we have helped clients across North America obtain quality packaging solutions and products that are tailored to their product and buyer needs’.

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