How Polyethylene Packing Foam Protects Your Products

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How Polyethylene Packing Foam Protects Your Products

Understanding how to protect your products is not always the easiest of tasks. With so many innovative options available on the market, choosing not only the right packaging material but also the right packaging supplier is essential for successful logistics operations and excellent consumer satisfaction.

To help you find the right packaging material for your products, Crownhill Packaging will be exploring one particularly popular and trusted solution: polyethylene packing foam. In this post, we will be looking at what this material is and how its many advantages can benefit your business and your consumers.

What is Polyethylene Packing Foam?

Polyethylene is a form of thermoplastic foam that is used in packaging, as well as in areas such as flotation. It has a bubbly, soft texture to touch which minimizes abrasion against products or other packaging materials. However, when the foam is pressed or experiences applied pressure, it remains firm and sturdy.

The Protective Advantage of Polyethylene Packing Foam

One of the key advantages of choosing polyethylene packing foam is that it is a highly protective form of packaging. Because of its plastic-like composition, polyethylene packing foam is both shatter resistant and lightweight. When used in packaging, the product is well-cushioned in the event of being dropped or mishandled.

As a result of this cushioning effect, polyethylene packing foam is perfect for protecting products that are destined for shipping and will significantly reduce the risk of wear and tear on the product upon arrival.

Other Advantages of Polyethylene Packing Foam

There are many other unique advantages that polyethylene packaging foam offers your products. These include:

Static Reduction

Static electricity is known for building in dry areas without any humidity or moisture. This build-up can be damaging to electronic goods and even a small jolt of static electricity can cause a product to malfunction or wear easily. During the shipping process, it is likely your electronic goods will encounter these dry conditions, putting their quality at risk.

Polyethylene is available with anti-static reduction that significantly cuts the risk of this happening. Consult your packaging solutions provider to learn more about making use of this technology.

Protection Against Liquids

While dry air can cause static build-up, environments with moist air can have the opposite effect and cause liquid to form. Liquid is just as destructive to electronic devices and many other goods.

Additionally, rainfall and flooding are fairly common causes of product damage that can appear at any point in the shipping process whether in unsheltered shipping bays or outside the consumer’s front door.

Fortunately, polyethylene packing foam is built to offer a solution.

The foam has a closed cell construction, giving the product a sealed, wrap-around barrier. This can prevent liquids from coming into contact with the product and will provide valuable insulation against temperature changes.

Easily Customizable

Being a lightweight form of packaging foam, polyethylene can be designed to suit the shape and materials of your products. It can be easily crafted to fit your product’s exact specifications and hold it safely in place during transit and shipping.

This makes it an ideal packaging solution for manufacturers and businesses needing a highly flexible option, including those with a wide product range that undergoes frequent updates or changes.

Obtain Trusted Protective Packaging for Your Products

Crownhill Packaging is dedicated to delivering tried-and-tested solutions that keep your products secure with durable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-responsible packaging. Contact us today to reap the benefits of premium polyethylene packing foam and other protective packaging products.

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