Legalization of Cannabis Coming to Canada & Crownhill to Offer Dispensary Bags

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Legalization of Cannabis in Canada and Crownhill to Offer Dispensary Bags
The Government of Canada has announced the end of cannabis prohibition effective July 2018. The legalization of medicinal cannabis in over 20 US States, and legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, as well as a growing number of US States have been leading factors behind Crownhill’s product line expansion into dispensary bags. Dispensary bags are plastic pouches of a variety of sizes, that are smell-resistant and made of FDA certified food-grade material that offer a variety of packaging uses.

These bags are perfect at storing the many items that could be harmful to children, especially items that could be attractive to their senses. In addition to the bags themselves being child resistant, they are both smell resistant and the packaging is completely opaque, offering no hints to the contents within. This prevents curious eyes (and noses) from being intrigued by the contents of these bags, and keeps the most cherished family members safe.

For perishable products, the food-grade materials extend their shelf life, while the solid packaging prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating through the packaging, and the bag keeping all scents within. This makes them ideal for items that will not be used immediately, or whose smell can interfere with the goods/environment that surrounds them.

The exceptional part of this product line is its versatility, pouches of a variety of sizes can utilize short run custom packing with low order minimums, opening the door to new branding options for established products.

Tamper evident dispensary bags show signs of any handling that can compromise the contents within, important for any product, especially products that can have severe health consequences if contaminated or altered between manufacture and consumption.  

Dispensary pouches attributes of being child resistant, tamper resistant, and easy to customize gives them a wide variety of uses and we’re excited to see how their availability changes the landscape of business and consumer packaging

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