Packaging Solutions That Are Curbside Recyclable

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Packaging Solutions That Are Curbside Recyclable

In 2022, there is no doubt that recyclability is a key part of sustainability. In fact, one investigation surveyed over 12,000 people in six countries and found that over 75% of consumers are trying to recycle more. Moreover, it showed that consumers are rapidly seeing recycling as their most important step to becoming more environmentally-responsible.

Despite this enthusiasm to recycle, it is not always easy for consumers to be able to do so. Many complain of confusion over what materials can be recycled and, when they can recycle them, if their local area is actually able to do so, especially when it comes to packaging.

Recycling packaging at the curbside is one particularly frustrating roadblock many consumers are dealing with across North America. While cardboard boxes are now easier to recycle than ever before, many packaging products are lagging behind, including very common packaging essentials like bubble wrap and mailers.

While recycling centers are trying to make curbside recycling more accessible for packaging, the real change can come from businesses that use these packaging products. For many sellers, having easily recyclable packaging is an ideal opportunity to not only help make their product more sustainable, but also crucially align with their consumers’ values and needs.

In this article, discover 4 curbside recyclable packaging solutions that are sure to please your consumers. Plus, find out what benefits your business can unlock by opting for recyclable packaging, including some that directly benefit your business’ bottom line.

1. Curby Mailer™

Curby Mailer™

There are many reasons to love mailers. They are secure, lightweight and easy to ship, even more so when you use them in a system that offers you the best chances of a successful first-time delivery.

But when it comes to curbside recyclability, they are far behind other packaging options. Despite having a recyclable exterior made from kraft paper, the bubble padding interior used in most mailers is non-recyclable. While recycling centers can separate the recyclable materials from a mailer, it must be a specialist drop-off point rather than through the typical household recycling route.

Thankfully, the Curby Mailer™ offers an easy solution to recycling mailers. Featuring an innovative paper lining that provides effective yet recyclable cushioning, the Curby Mailer™ is perfect for household disposal with zero inconvenience. Better yet, its unique, honeycomb-shaped padding offers superior cushioning compared to traditional polybubble and plastic-based mailers.

2. PAPERbubble®


Bubble-lined wrap is a mainstay in any packaging arsenal. This popular and notoriously poppable void fill is excellent at cushioning products inside a package, all while being lightweight. But where sustainability is concerned, plastic bubble-lined wrap is sadly not recyclable and contributes to a large amount of unnecessary waste.

PAPERbubble® is a game changer for businesses wanting to do away with wasteful plastic bubble wrap. Ideal for wrapping anything from electronics to cosmetics, this recyclable, paper-based wrap provides the same lightweight cushioning of plastic-based alternatives. As a bonus, PAPERbubble® wrap does not require any machinery to store, hold or cut it, meaning it can be conveniently used at the point of packing.

3. Crinkle Paper

Packaging Solutions Curbside Recyclable Crinkle Paper

Sometimes the simplest of solutions are the most effective, and crinkle paper is a perfect example of that. Being made from small, crinkled strips of paper, crinkled paper offers excellent cushioning without anything too elaborate, letting your package showcase your product first and foremost.

And because crinkle paper comes from simple kraft paper, it is inexpensive and easily accessible from sources local to you. Your product’s consumers also benefit too, as they can easily dispose of crinkled paper and some might even reuse it for their own gifts or storage needs.

Learn more about other sustainable void fill products here.

4. Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Featuring a unique ‘S’ shape that allows it to lock together and securely cushion an item, packaging peanuts are a staple void fill, especially when shipping bulkier items like furniture.

Despite their cushioning ability, most packing peanuts unfortunately contain styrofoam, a non-recyclable material now known to be hazardous and toxic to both humans and wildlife.

Biodegradable packing peanuts offer a safer solution. Made from natural vegetable and corn starch, these peanuts are affordable, sustainable and safe for consumers. Better yet, manufacturing biodegradable packing peanuts is not dependent on increasingly scarce and expensive raw materials found in styrofoam peanuts, meaning you get more price stability for smoother operations costs.

Benefits of Recyclable Packaging

Whether you choose biodegradable packing peanuts or innovative eco-friendly mailers, recyclable packaging offers many benefits to your business, your consumers and the environment, including:

  • Sustainability. Crafted from natural, renewable materials means recyclable packaging does not use harmful and polluting materials like single-use plastic.
  • Alignment with consumer values. With consumers readily adopting environmentally-friendly lifestyles, being able to reflect these lifestyles and its values in your product and packaging can significantly grow your corporate reputation and make your brand stand out.
  • Affordability. Packaging innovation has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. And while plastic-based products are becoming more expensive and harder to source, many recyclable packaging come from renewable raw materials that are easy and cost-efficient to produce.

Get Curbside Ready Packaging For Your Business Today!

Becoming a truly sustainable company unlocks a significant amount of benefits to your company, but getting there can take some help.

When it comes to finding sustainable packaging solutions, Crownhill Packaging is here to do all the hard work for you. As innovators in the packaging space, we have access to the very latest packaging products that benefit your consumers, your bottom line, and our planet.

To learn more about any of the products featured in this article or to learn about what other sustainable solutions we can offer your business, contact our team today!

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