September 23, 2021 — Crownhill Packaging Unveils Newly Redesigned and Expanded Website

Crownhill's new website displayed on a computer monitor.

The updated digital real estate features a new look, expanded sections, in-depth product knowledge and unique shipping tools.


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 23, 2021 — Crownhill Packaging, award-winning provider of custom packaging solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their newly redesigned and expanded climate neutral website. Using a clean and inviting look, it emphasizes Crownhill’s commitment to providing customers with a full-service experience, offers unique tools and in-depth information to help them make the right decisions, and makes it easier to get in touch with packaging experts.

The site prominently showcases Crownhill’s three major offerings: packaging products running the gamut from corrugated boxes to custom cut foam; packaging equipment such as on-demand paper systems and automation machinery designed to improve packing processes; and packaging services including design, assembly, fulfillment, and Amazon APASS certification.

Crownhill's new Shipping Tools page displayed on a computer monitor.
The new Shipping Tools page features three unique packaging calculators designed to help businesses ship with ease.

Included among the site’s new features are Crownhill’s suite of shipping tools: the Right Mailers™ calculator helps e-commerce businesses take advantage of the revolutionary patent-pending evaluation system by showing what delivery receptacles their chosen packaging container can fit inside; the bubble mailer calculator helps determine what mailer size will fit a customer’s product packaging (in both kraft and poly mailer options); while the DIM Weight calculator shows a shipment’s dimensional weight across four major delivery carriers.

Crownhill's Right Mailers calculator displayed on a computer monitor.
The Right Mailers™ calculator helps e-commerce businesses determine what delivery receptacles their packaging can fit in.

Newly expanded sections include the blog, now featuring both educational articles and company news in one place; an interactive careers section featuring open opportunities and an easy resume uploader; and a quick contact form allowing prospective customers to make (and receive) inquiries faster. The upcoming Media Center also houses press releases, product galleries, social media feeds, and Crownhill’s extensive packaging knowledge library, including an FAQ, glossary, and downloadable product knowledge sheets.

“Across nearly four decades, Crownhill Packaging has amassed the expertise, experience, and insight to know packaging literally inside and out. A website worthy of that was long overdue,” says Marc Hyman, Director of Operations. “With its unique focus on providing valuable shipping tools and product knowledge, this new site matches Crownhill’s commitment to being part of the leading-edge of the packaging industry.”

A key part of that commitment is Crownhill’s focus on eco-conscious packaging opportunities and sustainability practices. By teaming up with ClimatePartner, an organization dedicated to pursing ambitious climate action through carbon offset projects, Crownhill has ensured their new website is entirely carbon neutral.

Crownhill Packaging is one of the largest full-service custom packaging solutions providers in North America. Offering comprehensive packaging design, testing, and supply services, Crownhill Packaging is ISO 9001:2015 registered, ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Test Lab certified, a certified partner in the Amazon APASS network, and proud member of Packaging Distributors of America. Equipped to develop material neutral solutions for customers that help eliminate damage, minimize package dimension, and reduce environmental impact, Crownhill Packaging focuses on the most critical part of any e-commerce transaction: the consumer experience.

Visit the new Crownhill Packaging site and experience it for yourself. Packaging Solutions Start Here®.

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