October 1, 2021 — Crownhill Packaging’s New Website Is Now Entirely Climate Neutral

Crownhill's homepage now features information on its climate neutral status.

Hosting a carbon-neutral website is the latest step in Crownhill’s efforts to ensure even its digital actions are sustainable.

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 1, 2021 — Crownhill Packaging has announced a new milestone in its ongoing sustainability efforts: its newly redesigned and expanded website is now entirely climate neutral. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, an organization dedicated to taking ambitious climate action, the CO2 emissions generated from running crownhillpackaging.com are counteracted through a certified carbon offset project.

As one of North America’s largest custom packaging solutions providers, Crownhill Packaging is aware of the impact the packaging industry has on the planet. In addition to offering products and services with an eco-conscious focus (such as curbside recyclable packaging), and pursing eventual Cradle to Cradle certification, Crownhill’s commitment to a climate neutral website ensures even its digital actions are rooted in sustainability.

Crownhill's page on the ClimatePartner website.
ClimatePartner’s ClimateID tracking page for Crownhill features carbon offset stats and more information on the Virunga National Park project.

Based out of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the carbon offset project involves using a hydroelectric dam to generate clean turbine energy from the Rutshuru River. The power plant, which generates enough electricity for approximately 4 million people, has saved as much as 46,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

The project’s clean hydroelectricity is also replacing expensive kerosene and charcoal as the area’s primary energy source. Having reliable access to electricity means residents now have streetlights at night and are starting their own businesses, making their neighborhoods safer, more prosperous, and more inclusive. These improvements are even helping to preserve the surrounding forests and their biodiversity, including the natural habitat of some of the world’s last remaining wild mountain gorillas.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves to find ways to improve our processes and make our practices more sustainable. Ensuring our online home is an entirely climate neutral website just makes sense and being able to see those carbon offset numbers on a screen is both encouraging and satisfying,” says Ken Wong, Vice President. “It’s quite wonderful knowing this initiative isn’t just combating climate change, it’s helping to improve people’s lives and preserve vital parts of this planet.”

Crownhill Packaging is one of the largest full-service custom packaging solutions providers in North America. Offering comprehensive packaging design, testing, and supply services, Crownhill Packaging is ISO 9001:2015 registered, ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Test Lab certified, a certified partner in the Amazon APASS network, and proud member of Packaging Distributors of America. Equipped to develop material neutral solutions for customers that help eliminate damage, minimize package dimension, and reduce environmental impact, Crownhill Packaging focuses on the most critical part of any e-commerce transaction: the consumer experience.

Visit the ClimateID tracking page for more details on Crownhill’s climate neutral website status and visit the Crownhill Packaging site to learn more about their sustainability efforts. Packaging Solutions Start Here®.

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