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Free Shipping Tools from Crownhill

Success in e-commerce hinges not just on the products you are selling, but also on how you ship them to your buyer. From ensuring your package fits into the mailbox to avoiding unexpected shipping costs, every detail counts.

But getting this right takes up much needed time and resources, especially if you are trying to plan your packaging strategy from scratch.

To save you time and help you focus on driving your business, we have built 3 calculators that you can easily use to identify:

  1. If your package size is suitable for your buyers’ type of mail receptacle
  2. What size bubble mailer is needed for your product
  3. The dimensional shipping weight of your package

Dive into Crownhill’s free tools, including Right Mailers™, Bubble Mailer sizes, and DIM Weight calculators below and start streamlining your shipping so you can do what you do best: deliver quality goods.

Right Mailers™ Calculator

One of the biggest mistakes sellers can make when planning a packaging strategy is forgetting to factor in where the actual package will arrive and how it will be passed to the buyer.

Even with the right packaging material, void fill and presentation, making sure your package actually fits into the receptacle is unfortunately an easy aspect to overlook.

After all, if the package cannot be passed through the mailbox or locker, the courier will either have to ask the buyer to collect it themselves or ask them to arrange a redelivery. Alternatively, some couriers may incorrectly attempt to deliver the package by forcing it through the receptacle or leaving it in an open space. Neither are likely to please the buyer and will lead to rise in complaints, or worse, dissatisfied consumers silently moving to a different buyer and sharing their feedback with fellow potential buyers.

Fortunately, sellers can be proactive about this and leverage free online shipping tools like our Right Mailers™ calculator.

With Right Mailers™, you will know what receptacle your package is likely to fit through, including:

  • Lobby Boxes
  • Smart Lockers
  • Parcel Lockers
  • Cluster Mailboxes
  • Community Mailboxes

Right Mailers™ is a great health check for any packaging strategy, but it is particularly ideal for sellers shipping to high-density areas, including apartment and office buildings. Using this system not only keeps your operations efficient, but it also improves customer satisfaction by increasing the likelihood of a safe, first time delivery.

To use the calculator, simply:

  1. Go to the Right Mailers calculator.
  2. Enter your package’s height, width and depth.
  3. Click “Get Right Mailers”.
  4. See what packaging receptacles suitable for your package.

Looking for recommendations on which mailers? Get in touch with Crownhill Packaging for more advice and product recommendations. Or check out the Bubble Mailer calculator below for further inspiration!

Bubble Mailer Calculator

Bubble mailers are a very popular choice for shipping smaller items and offer excellent security for their cost-effective price.

But with these excellent qualities comes an overwhelming amount of mailer sizes.
For many sellers, getting the right size mailer for your product can feel like a complex science. Choose a mailer too small and your product is at risk of bursting through, choose a mailer too large and risk damaging your product from a lack of cushioning. Either scenario is bad for your budget and customer satisfaction.

To identify the sweet spot for your mailer sizes, use our free online bubble mail calculator. This quick and easy calculator tells you what, including different recommendations for poly and kraft bubble mailers.

To use the Bubble Mailer calculator, simply:

  1. Go to the Bubble Mailers calculator.
  2. Enter your package’s length, width and depth.
  3. Click “Calculate”.
  4. See the mailer sizing recommendations for poly and kraft paper options.

DIM Weight Calculator

The final packaging calculator to bookmark for later use is the dimensional weight (DIM) calculator.

When it comes to calculating shipping costs, couriers will likely charge the highest out of your package’s actual weight or dimensional weight. Calculating it beforehand can save you from unexpected costs and help optimize your packaging’s sizing in the planning stage.

DIM Weight is calculated using this formula:

(Length × Width × Height) / DIM Factor = DIM Weight

Because dimensional weight is not a specific figure compared to actual weight, couriers use a set value called a DIM factor to calculate dimensional weight and costs. This complicates calculating dimensional weight but fortunately there are plenty of DIM Weight calculators available online, including this one.

How to use our DIM weight calculator:

  1. Go to the Dimensional Weight calculator.
  2. Enter your package’s height, width and depth.
  3. Click “Calculate”.
  4. See what packaging receptacles suitable for your package.

Tip: This packaging calculator is extra effective when used with the two shipping tools above. Easily work out what packaging you need, whether it will fit through your buyers’ mail receptacle and get a DIM estimate for shipping.

Level Up Your Packaging Strategy with Crownhill Packaging

Getting goods out on time and in great condition relies on having sustainable, effective packaging processes in place. The calculators above give you a great start to creating or optimizing your current packaging strategy.

If you are looking for a packaging supplier that can help you take this further, consider Crownhill Packaging. As experts in the packaging field, we have helped clients across the US and Canada get quality packaging products and services, including solutions that are both sustainable for the environment and the budget.

To learn more about unlocking the benefits of quality packaging for your business, contact our team today. We look forward to helping you!

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