The Best Ways To Fill Space In Your Shipping Box

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Best Ways to Fill Space in Your Shipping Box

Are you packaging products for your business? If so, it is likely you have already selected a sturdy packaging box to shield your product, quality packing tape to make sure everything is tightly sealed and maybe even a custom label to showcase your branding. But have you ever thought about how you are going to fill the space inside the shipping box?

That is where void fill comes in. Often underestimated, void fillers play an essential role in protecting products from all sorts of hazards that can happen in transit, including knocks and drops.

In this post, we will explore the best void fillers businesses can use to secure their products in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Learn more below!

1. Biodegradable Peanuts

First developed in 1975, packaging peanuts have grown to become one of the most commonly used void fillers worldwide.

The design of packaging peanuts is simple yet effective. This void filler typically has an iconic ‘S’ or ‘J’ shape, which enables it to pack together and create a flexible yet sturdy foam cushion around a packaged product. They can be used with all sorts of products, including some heavier items like furniture.

Despite their simplistic design, packaging peanuts need to be carefully sourced. This is because packaging peanuts were traditionally made from styrofoam — a polystyrene now known to contain chemicals toxic to humans and the environment.

Thankfully, there is a sustainable solution to packaging peanuts. Biodegradable peanuts are a sustainable alternative crafted from starches rather than styrofoam. These starches occur naturally and are easy to generate from vegetables. Most importantly, they disintegrate in water, making them much safer and environmentally-friendly to dispose of.

2. Air Pillows

Another solution to filling space in packing boxes is by adding air pillows. Another simple yet effective design, air pillows act as a flexible cushion around your product, which is easily held together thanks to the tightly packed air inside each pillow.

Because air pillows are essentially small bags of air, they are very straightforward to produce and can be cost-effective. The consumer opening the box will also be grateful for air pillows, which are easier to remove than messier packing peanuts.

The downside to the airy cushioning of air pillows is that they are prone to bursting against heavy products. Therefore, air pillows should not be used to pack heavy items like furniture. Instead, consider using them for lighter goods like stationery and office supplies.

3. Wonderfill

Another air-powered void filler is Wonderfill. Like air pillows, Wonderfill uses compressed air inside a bag-like structure to cushion products inside packing boxes.

But unlike air pillows, Wonderfill is a packaging system of its own. It works by inflating a series of bags to a precise level, once filled, the bag can be quickly removed from the unit and used immediately. As soon as one inflated wrap is removed, another is then inflated to replace it.

While it does require a small machine to be installed on the premises, Wonderfill is a great investment for businesses that need a steady and reliable supply of void fillers for their products.

4. FunPak®

One of the most innovative void fillers in recent years, FunPak® is a plant-based packing peanut that puts sustainability first.

FunPak® offers many environmental benefits. Firstly, it is free of harmful toxins that pose a threat to people and wildlife. Secondly, FunPak® is also compostable, meaning it can be easily disposed of without needing incineration or clogging up landfills — two of the biggest drivers of pollution and climate change.

Finally, FunPak® comes in a range of vibrant colours and shapes, perfect for adding a creative touch your consumers will appreciate.

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