The EcoMailer™: A New Sustainable Solution to Packaging

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As one of the major saviors of 2020, e-commerce has helped keep thousands of businesses running smoothly, while also allowing new enterprises to enter the field, despite the significant challenges posed by COVID-19. Consequently, growth in e-commerce is now booming at unprecedented levels.

Yet, while this growth is good news for buyers and sellers alike, there remains another issue: the environment. Considering the mounting concerns over waste and packaging disposal, the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) are taking an additional stance to sustainability. The organization has recently introduced the EcoMailer™, commonly dubbed as the Amazon Mailer, among its members, including Crownhill Packaging.

Packaging Distributors of America

Representing businesses in the packaging industry across North America, PDA focuses much of its efforts on boosting innovation and enterprise among its members. The organization is dedicated to developing new packaging techniques and products, such as the EcoMailer™. This benefits not only businesses with their efficiency, but also improves the customer experience and takes positive action on issues such as environmental sustainability. As a member of PDA, Crownhill Packaging is eager to contribute, share, and learn from the very best in the industry.

Why the EcoMailer™ is Significant for Sustainable Packaging

Crafted from paper, the EcoMailer™ offers multiple benefits to its users. It is lightweight and durable, crucial for maintaining business efficiency and reducing shipping burdens. More importantly, the mailers provide curbside recyclability and are 100% recyclable thanks to its paper-padding. To further demonstrate its innovation, the product has received several awards and certifications, including the How2Recycle® certification.

As well as their recyclability, EcoMailers™ are also much lighter on industry and manufacturing. According to the PDA, they use 77% less packaging than other mailers. Moreover, they are reported to use up to 33% less air, enabling manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to economize on space and improve efficiency in transport.

At present, the EcoMailer™ is available in five sizes. They offer strong security, including a two-ply flap that is tamper-evident, and are easily accessible with a tear strip. Consumers can even make the most of its paper material to print and show off their business branding too.

Crownhill Remains Dedicated to a Sustainable Future During COVID-19

Although COVID-19 remains a major challenge across the globe, we cannot forget the importance of tackling environmental issues that could cause long-term or permanent damage. Just like PDA, Crownhill Packaging is committed to developing and utilizing sustainable packaging solutions for all our customers. The EcoMailer™ provides an ideal opportunity to help support businesses continuing their operations through e-commerce, while taking care of our planet and becoming more environmentally responsible. To start making the most of these innovative mailers or to learn more about its benefits, contact Crownhill Packaging today!

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