What Are The Benefits Of Using Air Pillows For Shipping?

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The benefits of using air pillows for shipping

When packaging goods, one of the most important measures to take is making sure your product is carefully cushioned into its package. Otherwise, you run the risk of the product being damaged during transit, which will carry negative consequences onto your customers’ buying experience and your brand reputation.

Air pillows are just one of many void fill solutions that add cushioning to your package. They can be added to packaging in a variety of ways but are best used for shipping fragile and sensitive goods that need extra protection. In this article, we will explore the key benefits of air pillows for shipping and explain how you can purchase quality air pillows for your business. Read on to learn more!

They Are Durable

Being durable is the most important objective of all void fill and cushioning products. While couriers do their best to securely ship products from door to door, packages are still prone to many knocks, drops and shakes that happen, especially if the product is traveling far.

Fortunately, air pillows are notably resilient for their weight and are able to withstand a lot of pressure before rupturing. Being air-tight, they can wrap around the product to add plenty of cushioning with minimal weight.

They Are Hard to Tear

One of the biggest challenges with many types of void fill or cushioning products is that they can tear or rip quite easily. While tears are unlikely to happen while the product is sealed during transit, they can snag or be accidentally ripped during the opening process. This is most likely to occur with paper-based cushioning products, like basic packaging paper.

Air pillows on the other hand, do not tear or rip easily. Being tightly packed with air and a smooth plastic surface, air pillows are easily flexible and will only rupture or tear under extreme or very precise circumstances.

They Are Flexible

Getting the balance between durability and flexibility is key with packages that contain void fill.

On one hand, you will want to make sure your void fill is able to shield your product from knocks or bumps which could damage it. On the other hand, you will want to make sure your void fill allows some flexibility so that it does not directly impact or crush the product. So while a solution like foam inserts might be really effective at shielding a product, they might fit too snugly for some products, causing them to crease or fold.

Air pillows offer a great balance between flexibility and durability. Not only will they withstand the shakes and knocks from transit, but they’ll also allow some flexibility to make sure the product does not get locked in a hazardous position. They can be used with a wide range of products, including many fragile items.

They Are User-Friendly

Making sure your recipient gets an easy unboxing experience is important for demonstrating quality of care and giving your buyer an excellent first impression of your product.

Although many businesses pay close attention to their products’ unboxing experience, they should also be mindful of how the product will be removed from the actual package it is shipped in. This is because some types of void fill can be particularly bothersome to buyers, especially if these materials are not packed properly.

For example, packaging paper is often used in large amounts to pad a package for shipping. While this is a relatively cheap option for the seller, it can be irritating for the consumer who has to remove and dispose of excessive amounts of paper. This is especially true for consumers who are mindful of their environmental impact or have limited storage space for disposing for used packaging.

Once again, air pillows offer a balance of convenience for both the seller and the buyer. They can easily be inserted and removed from the package with minimal effort. This helps bring the focus of the customer’s attention not on the void fill inside the package, but rather on the product they have purchased and its quality.

Use Them To Help Reduce Shipping Costs

Air pillows are an excellent way to pad out packaging boxes and cushion products without adding any meaningful weight to a package.

Given that shipping is normally priced by dimensional weight shipping or by weight alone, air pillows add very little weight due to containing only air. The only weight that is added to the package is the plastic case for the air pillow. This results in a lean, effective and affordable shipping solution, especially if you are shipping long distances.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Making sure your packaging is environmentally-friendly is an important social responsibility that many businesses are taking on.

And types of void fill, like air pillows, are no exception to this standard. While air pillows are plastic-based, they are easily reusable and many consumers can use them for personal use until the air pillow loses its inflation.

Did you know that environmentally-friendly packaging can also have other benefits and may even help you cut down on costs? Learn more about the benefits of sustainable packaging here.

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