What Is On-Demand Packaging

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What Is On-Demand Packaging

With the booming on-demand economy set to stay, being able to quickly adapt to your buyer’s needs has never been more important.

There are many examples that businesses are becoming more agile to meet the on-demand economy. For instance, you might already have a production system that accounts for sudden changes to your products. Similarly, your e-commerce website might be equipped to quickly showcase new products and offer your buyers a smooth and personalized experience.

But have you ever thought about making your packaging process more agile?

One powerful solution to making packaging more agile is to utilize an on-demand packaging system. This revolutionary approach to packaging means you will no longer need to bulk, store and package your products. Instead, your products will be quickly packaged according to the current need, which consequently helps you offer your customers higher-quality packaging and a better buying experience.

In this post, Crownhill Packaging explores the benefits of on-demand packaging, including how it can help your business save money and become more efficient. Learn more about how on-demand packaging helps your business become agile from end-to-end below!

Benefits of On-Demand Packaging

On-demand packaging offers businesses and its customers a whole range of agile benefits. These include:

Costs Less to Ship

One of the biggest advantages of on-demand packaging is the reduction in shipping costs. You might not assume this is the case, as we typically believe bulk purchases are more affordable due to the economy of scale effect.

But when you factor storage costs and the risk of needing to use void filler if your product changes, on-demand packaging is the clear winner.

Additionally, remember that many shipping companies also charge by the size of your packaging, not the product inside of it. This means that even if your product has changed in size but your packaging has not, your shipping costs will remain the same. But by using on-demand packaging, your packaging can quickly adapt and save you the potential loss, helping your business stay efficient.

Less to Store

Another key benefit of on-demand packaging is that you can rapidly reduce your packaging storage space.

This is especially valuable for startups or businesses with smaller offices, which often do not have the real estate to bulk buy packaging and store it for usage later.

Even for larger businesses that are equipped with storage space, the reduced need for storage that comes with on-demand packaging opens up many opportunities for growth. For example, instead of using valuable real estate for storage space, a business could consider using that space to drive revenue. This could include turning the space into an additional office or even using it to upscale production.

Reduces Packaging Waste

Have you ever purchased a large amount of packaging only to find it becomes outdated? Perhaps your product has changed in design, or maybe you need a new option to increase the chance of a first time delivery by choosing mailbox-friendly packaging?

With bulk-and-store packaging systems, you can only make these changes when restocking. This means either delaying your product design, or more commonly, being left with oversized or unused packaging.

But with on-demand packaging, your product comes first. Instead, your packaging is tailored to each product at the point of need rather than during restocks. This can eliminate huge amounts of packaging waste and keep your packaging efficient.

Keeps Your Product Safe

One of the major disadvantages of traditional bulk buy and store packaging is that it can quickly become outdated for a particular product. In some cases, outdated packaging can be too big for the product, especially if a product has been slimmed down in size. This creates the need for voil filler, which simply cannot offer the same level of security compared to on-demand packaging that is specifically tailored for the product.

On-demand packaging removes the threat of outdated packaging entirely, helping you make sure all your products are appropriately packaged and protected for a safer delivery.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Finally, on-demand packaging does not just benefit you as a seller, it also benefits your customers.

Because an on-demand packaging system is made for specific products, you can eliminate common but often ignored pitfalls in poor customer service. These include the use of inefficient void filler and oversized boxes, which customers might find excessive, especially if they then need to dispose of this packaging in an environmentally-friendly manner.

An on-demand packaging system helps make sure your customers receive tidy, well-packaged items they will be sure to appreciate.

Get On-Demand Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Are you looking to make your packaging process agile and efficient? Get an on-demand packaging solution from an experienced and trusted packaging supplier with Crownhill Packaging. As market leaders with a passion for innovation, we champion giving our clients powerful packaging solutions like on-demand packaging systems. Contact us today to learn more!

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