Why Thermal Packaging Will Help Amazon Pharmacy Succeed

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Why Thermal Packaging Will Help Amazon Pharmacy Succeed

This year has brought many dramatic changes to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals. With COVID-19 causing many pharmacies to transition to deliveries rather than in-person collection, new opportunities have arisen for existing and new companies alike. This is where e-commerce giant Amazon has come into play with its recent release of Amazon Pharmacy. This, alongside other new online services, will offer many North Americans the option to receive their prescription drugs without having to leave the house, a vital lifeline for those self-isolating at home.

In spite of this step forward, packaging drugs safely remains a logistical problem that threatens the safety of this service if it were to negatively affect a consumer. So, how can pharmaceutical products be securely packaged for the consumer? In today’s post, Crownhill Packaging will explain why thermal packaging offers a solution and should be an essential part of pharmaceutical e-commerce.

Why Packaging Pharmaceutical is Unique

Pharmaceutical packaging plays a unique role in storing and protecting pharmaceutical goods. Whereas everyday household items require packaging to protect them from bumps or knocks during shipping, drugs are much more sensitive items that can be affected by environmental issues such as sunlight exposure and overly hot or cold temperatures. Therefore, medicinal products that are fragile to certain environments need a specialized form of protective packaging to maintain their quality.

The Effects of Poor Pharmaceutical Packaging on Healthcare

The challenges faced by packaging pharmaceutical products also apply to many food and drink products that are mailed to the consumer. However, unlike food and beverages, problems with pharmaceutical goods are not as noticeable to the naked eye of a non-pharmacist. This means that the consumer might not be aware their medication is now ineffective while their health condition worsens or perhaps experiences adverse effects. Naturally, the concerned consumer might need to return to their family physician or medical specialist who would have to investigate this cause further, leading to worsening health, unnecessary medical re-evaluations and potentially even lengthening appointment waitlists.

How Thermal Packaging Will Help Pharmacies and the Public

Thankfully, there is a solution to the problem of shipping pharmaceutical goods: thermal packaging. Similar in appearance to regular mailers and cartons, thermal packaging offers an additional benefit by using padding to insulate products from external temperatures. When paired with reflective insulative colours such as silver, thermal packaging also blocks out sunlight that can negatively affect the potency of certain medicines.

There is also an economic benefit to be gained, as thermal packaging remains affordable and lightweight. For pharmacies, this means that easy shipping can be maintained without the need for expensive alternatives. For consumers, this means low to minimal packaging fees and greater security that their prescription is in proper condition.

For companies such as Amazon that are venturing into the world of pharmaceutical e-commerce, thermal packaging will ensure that consumers can rely on them and similar pharmacies if they must stay at home for long periods of time.

Purchase Thermal Packaging for Your Pharmaceutical Business

If you are a pharmaceutical goods supplier and are looking for reliable packaging solutions that will protect your customers’ medicine, consider purchasing thermal packaging from Crownhill Packaging. Whether your needs are for “Controlled Room Temperature” conditions or more stringent cold chain logistics requirements, we are dedicated to using only the latest and most innovative packaging technology to help your products stay safe during shipping and transit. To learn more about our packaging solutions, contact us today!

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