Your Packaging: A Canvas for Art?

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Could Your Packaging Be a Canvas for Art?

Have you ever viewed your packaging as a canvas for artistic creativity? With e-commerce growing at an unprecedented pace and competition swiftly catching up, businesses are under newfound pressure to deliver creative solutions, including when it comes to their packaging.

In today’s post, Crownhill Packaging will be exploring how and why your business can use the power of digital printing to create packaging that stands out to your audience. Learn more below!

Tell Your Story With Packaging

The real benefit of creative packaging has come about quickly as e-commerce continues to surge in popularity. With more product sales being done online outside of stores, the customer’s very first physical impression of your product is now when it arrives at their doorstep rather than in store. Despite this new aspect, many businesses overlook the design of their shipping packaging. This missed opportunity means their product visually gets lost in the rest of the recipient’s mail and they lose the chance to create a stellar first impression.

For those looking to design their packaging in-house, do not be afraid to treat your cardboard box as a canvas for your creativity. Full of limitless possibilities, you could diversify your packaging with different colors, patterns, or any key elements from your branding. You might also use it to tell your company story or provide product information or company success points such as product recyclability and reusability.

Tell Your Story With Packaging

The Power of Digital Printing

Creative packaging can be delivered through many means, but digital printing remains an ideal option suited for small and big businesses alike. The beautiful designs on Purolator’s boxes were realized through digital printing. This modern approach uses digital files and prints them onto paper, synthetic and cardboard products. From an artistic perspective, using digital art files gives the designer the opportunity to be creative using their own tools without having to worry about altering the file for complex print machines.

For those without access to expensive design software, there are some powerful online editors out there that simplify entry into the digital printing world by keeping the user experience front and center. The Packaging Company’s free-to-use custom boxes designer makes the process of designing and ordering digital printed packaging seamless and easy.

Digital Printing also comes with many advantages for the manufacturer and for the consumer. For example, digital printing is:

  • Low-cost
  • Environmentally-responsible
  • Quick to manufacture
  • High in quality
  • Adaptable for low-volume production

While other traditional methods of print are still recommended for certain products, digital printing is certainly a viable option for many businesses looking to diversify their product appearance.

Give Your Packaging an Artistic Flair

At Crownhill Packaging, we encourage all our current and prospective clients to make the most of modern packaging technology. Not only will it create an excellent first impression for your product’s consumer, but it will also illustrate your branding and increase its visibility. If you are looking to realize the potential for your packaging with digital printing, contact our team today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about incorporating digital printing into your packaging boxes.

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