Our packaging solutions include everything you need for your business

Packaging Design

service to balance total cost versus product protection

Our design experts have experience in a variety of industries and can create attention-grabbing packaging that attracts your specific target market. Packaging design can not only convey the power of your brand; it also has the power to capture your consumer’s attention, resulting in them chosing your product over a competitor.


molding capability

Partnering with Pregis, we are proud to offer our clients the IntelliPack System, which is a new option in foam-in-place packaging. We are able to offer our clients a choice between a wide range of options for different sized packages, custom molds, or a hybrid packaging solution.

Packaging Assembly

and sub-assembly

We can take the guesswork out of your packaging solutions by offering an assembly service. This ensures your packaging is ready to go when you are!


of foams and laminated protective packaging materials

Whatever the size or shape of your product, the ability to create a custom package will ensure the safe delivery of your goods to its final destination. Our durable lamination simultaneously protects and showcases your product.

Custom Gluing

Regardless of the package contents, we know you need for your packaging to hold up. Custom adhesives ensure the materials you require maintain their integrity in transit.

Product Conversion

to customized bubble, foam sizes and configuration

Whether it’s bubble, foam, or another solution, if our stock materials aren’t suitable for your product needs, we can create a packaging solution that will work. With experience in a range of different industries, we are confident that we can create an optimal packaging system for you.

Talk to one of our packaging experts today to get a quote on your customized packaging solution. With our winning combination of high-quality materials, competitive pricing, and flexible options, we are confident we have a solution that will suit the specific needs of your business.

Our model offers our services in packaging design, die-cutting, molding and gluing, package assembly and product conversion that we can deliver in a timely manner, within your budget, and stand by the quality of the products.