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The next generation of eco-friendly packaging and void filler

Sustainability is one of the biggest priorities when using void fill as protective packaging. How can you ensure your void filler is eco-friendly? Crownhill Packaging has the answer.

"Environmentally safe" is not a phrase commonly associated with packaging fill—until now. The next generation of cost-effective, eco-friendly (and fun!) void fill is here.


Bio-Peanuts are made from renewable vegetable starches that are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Air Pillows

Air Pillows are a highly efficient and cost-effective inflated packaging system that is both durable and environmentally friendly.


PAPERbubble® cushioning wrap is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based bubble cushioning.


Funpak® is a plant-based, compostable fill available in decorative shapes and colours that make the unboxing experience unforgettable and fun.

We’re Rainforest Alliance Certified™

Thank to our reputation as an eco-conscious leader in the packaging industry, Crownhill Packaging has earned Rainforest Alliance Certified™ status. We’ve also adopted sustainable and responsible supply chain methodologies accepted by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

The Rainforest Alliance, FSC and SFI have a vision that matches our own. They wish to transform land-use practices and consumer behaviors, and so do we. As a business in an industry that deals heavily with paper-related products, Crownhill Packaging has an opportunity to take accountability for our environmental impact. That’s why we devote significant time and energy to sustainable practices that will truly benefit current and future generations.

Void Fill For Your Shipping Strategy?

Void fill packaging is an essential component of any shipping strategy that uses corrugated boxes of any size. Here’s some of the ways using void fill benefits your products:

  • Cushioning – void filler ensures your products do not rattle or shift inside their container, which can lead to impact-related damages. It creates a protective barrier between the product and the packaging.
  • Presentation – void fill can help elevate your unboxing experience, assuring your customers that their products are valuable and have been packed with care.

Using void fill in shipping mailers, corrugated boxes, and other types of packaging containers ensures your products stay safe and creates a positive impression for your business.

Types Of Void Fill

We offer several types of void fill at Crownhill Packaging, and are especially proud of our eco-friendly options. We provide versatile and varied solutions to suit the needs of every business:

  • Bio-Peanuts – made from renewable energy starches that are fully compostable and biodegradable, Bio-Peanuts in boxes or mailers provide a secure, tight fit.
  • Air Pillows – inflatable on-demand to reduce the use of raw materials, air pillows fill empty space and provide cost-effective protection for your products.
  • PAPERbubble® – an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cushioning, PAPERbubble® protective wrap is sustainable void fill for eco-conscious businesses.
  • FunPak® – a plant-based and fully compostable void fill, FunPak® comes in a variety of colors and shapes, creating memorable packaging and unboxing experiences.

Contact our friendly team of packaging experts to discuss options for packaging solutions and learn which void fill best suits your products. We also offer void fill machines or void fill dispensers to help your packaging process.

Why Choose Crownhill Packaging?

Why choose one of North America’s largest full-service packaging suppliers for your packaging needs? Here’s just a few of the assets we bring to your shipping strategy:

  • Innovation – we are leading the way towards more innovation in the packaging industry, offering tailored solutions, thought leadership, and fresh ideas.
  • Experience – we have over 35 years of industry experience, allowing us to meet the needs of any business, no matter the scale or scope of your needs.
  • Sustainability – we can help you upgrade your packaging strategy with more sustainable products, meeting customer demand for eco-conscious shipping strategies.

We provide insightful and tailored services when you choose us for packaging supplies and custom void fill products. After all, packaging solutions start here.

Need Eco-Friendly Packaging Filler? Contact Crownhill Packaging

Our sustainable packaging options are designed to protect your shipments without harming the environment. With the right packaging filler, you’ll improve the customer experience without increasing your carbon footprint. Contact our experienced team of shipping supplies experts to discuss your product specifications and packaging needs today.

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