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Amazon is a dynamic online retailer who is continuously making improvements in its packaging policy to ensure customer satisfaction. It recently updated its Frustration-Free Packaging program to reduce defective product deliveries, receive products as ready-to-ship, and eliminate unnecessary packaging waste.

All packages fulfilled by Amazon with external dimensions that are larger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches or weighing 20 pounds or more will require certification, and packages smaller than 9 x 6 x .375 inches will be required to be placed in the Tier 3 – Prep Free Packaging category.

Amazon has created the 3-tier system detailed on the left that shows the necessary features for products to fit into each of its categories.

Why Chose Crownhill As Your APASS Partner

When choosing Crownhill Packaging, you’re getting more than a packaging company; you’re getting a custom-packaging supply chain partner who is always up to date on Amazon’s packaging requirements. Through our connections at the Amazon Packaging Lab, we’ll be one of the first to hear about any packaging changes and can answer your questions regarding everything related to the Frustration-Free Packaging program.

Our North American operations are well-suited to test existing packaging, create efficient packaging solutions, and readily supply these solutions when you need them. We possess the expertise in creating packaging that can withstand the unique conditions that E-commerce packaging goes through, as well as competitively priced solutions to provide you with the perfect option for packaging your ASINs.

We have locations in Southern Ontario & Illinois, being one of the only APASS members able to serve Canada & the North Eastern US.

We are one of the few APASS affiliates who can test, customize, and supply packaging, while utilizing a variety of packaging materials & design capabilities.

We place a high emphasis on collaboration and relationship building, working with suppliers & customers to create optimal packaging solutions.

We’ve been creating custom packaging for over 30 years and has used infused this experience with an expanding knowledge base focused on eCommerce solutions.

Frustration-Free Certification Charges


Per Unit Charge For ASIN Non-Compliance With The Frustration Free Packaging Program After September 3rd, 2019

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