02 Dec
Corrugated Fiberboard and Cardboard - What’s The Difference
Corrugated Fiberboard & Cardboard: What’s The Difference?
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips
When it comes to researching types of packaging, you will likely come across two very similar types of packaging: cardboard and corrugated fiberboard. While these materials have a ...
15 Nov
Reduce Packaging Waste for my Business
How Can I Reduce Packaging Waste For My Business?
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips
Businesses today face two incredibly significant and difficult challenges, the economy and the environment. The economic effects of COVID-19 are still being deeply felt by many and...
01 Nov
Everything You Need to Know About Die Cutting
Everything You Need To Know About Die Cutting
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips
Have you ever wondered how packaging is able to reach you so quickly and efficiently? While couriers play a key role in shipping materials to you quickly, a lot of the success in t...
18 Oct
Packaging and Supply Chain
What Role Does Packaging Play In Supply Chain Management?
Category: Blog
If you are running or managing a business that sells goods, you will already know that the supply chain has never been more crucial to control than now. In fact, one of the biggest...
12 Oct
Types of Packaging Tape
What Are Some Different Types of Packaging Tape?
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips, Packaging ...
When it comes to making your products’ packaging secure, making sure it stays sealed during shipping is essential. And one of the most common, affordable and practical ways to seal...
20 Sep
Packaging vs. Packing: What is the Difference?
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips, Packaging ...
Do you know the difference between packing and packaging an item? While many of us easily use these terms interchangeably, there are some situations where they may be used incorrec...
06 Sep
6 Methods to Reduce Packaging Costs
6 Methods to Reduce the Cost of Packaging for Your Business
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips, Packaging ...
If you are a business owner, you very likely know that keeping your costs low is essential for financial stability and growth. And with growing economic uncertainty becoming more c...
26 Aug
Olivia Pietersen Named Co-Chair of Packaging Distributors of America's Member Council
Olivia Pietersen Named Co-Chair of Packaging Distributors of America’s Member Council
Category: Announcements, Blog
Crownhill Packaging is proud to announce Olivia Pietersen as Co-Chair of the newly created Member Council for Packaging Distributors of America, alongside Amy Packer of Hughes Ente...
23 Aug
Helpful Tips For Shipping Fragile Items
Helpful Tips For Shipping Fragile Items
Category: Crownhill Packaging Tips
In recent years, the economy has witnessed an e-commerce boom far beyond our initial expectations, and this fast-paced growth is set to continue even more. But while businesses hav...
15 Aug
7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Packaging Sales
7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Packaging Sales
Category: Careers
If you’re looking for a new career and unsure of where to look, it’s a good idea to think about what you want out of your job. If you’d like a position that allows for flexibility,...
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