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A flexible, durable, and protective packaging material

Chipboard sheets are a versatile, handy packaging solution that is popular for a good reason. They are an alternative to cardboard, found in many types of packaging, and offer the sturdiness needed to keep boxed products protected without taking up significant amounts of space.

At Crownhill Packaging, we offer high-quality chipboard sheets and chipboard pads that perfectly match various packaging sizes and shapes. Whether you need to reinforce a small gift box or a large corrugated box that contains bigger products, our chipboard sheets can be the ultimate solution.

What Are Chipboard Sheets?

Chipboard sheets are a lightweight, cardboard-like, supportive packaging material made from sawdust wood waste and wood chips. They are flexible yet robust and protective, reinforcing packaging and protecting products in transit.

This dense layer of material is ideal for reinforcing shipments, apparel boxes, or gift boxes. Custom-sized chipboard sheets can be placed at the bottom and sides of corrugated boxes, ensuring the base is completely supported. Also used as dividers within a shipping box when shipping multiple products at the same time, they function more efficiently for heavier items than bubble wrap.

Versatile and Rigid

Whether you need to fold or cut it, chipboard sheets are versatile and rigid. You can easily shape this packaging option to fit your packaging, regardless of box shape. Its rigidity also makes it a strong, durable, and resistant option for protecting products.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Chipboard is made from recycled materials, conserving valuable resources. If your business ships to environmentally conscious consumers, chipboard sheets in your packaging will appeal to your clients and strengthen the customer-business relationship.

Lightweight and Easy to Ship

In addition to being durable, chipboard sheets are lightweight and easy to ship. By including them in a shipping strategy, you’ll easily handle the packaging process, preparing them for transit without difficulty—or adding to the weight of your high-quality products.

What Are the Advantages of Crownhill Packaging's Chipboard Pads and Sheets?

Here’s just a few ways your business will benefit from using chipboard pads and sheets:

  • Thin and flat structure: The thin and flat structure of chipboard pads and sheets makes them perfect for reinforcing corrugated boxes without making a package bulkier. This makes logistics, stacking, and packing are more efficient.
  • Printable: Custom printable chipboard ensures you can include product information on your packaging. You can also showcase your brand and make your business more memorable with customers.
  • Cost-effective: Production costs for chipboard is often lower than alternative packaging options. Pair this with its use of recycled yet robust materials, and chipboard sheets and pads become an affordable part of any packaging strategy.

Discover Chipboard Sheets and Pads from Crownhill Packaging

Superior quality chipboard sheets and pads can appeal to your customers and ensure they remain satisfied with your product’s quality after shipping. Companies in North America select our chipboard sheets for the best packaging reinforcement, safe in the knowledge that products remain in their newly manufactured state.

Discover chipboard sheets and pads from Crownhill Packaging to send the perfect products to your clients. For more information about excellent packaging solutions and quantities, contact our packaging professionals today.

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