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Attractive, durable bags that easily withstand storage and shipping

Crownhill Packaging offers poly bag packaging solutions to ensure your consumer goods reach your customers in perfect condition. Available in a wide range of options, poly bags work with a vast selection of products. Whether you’re shipping large components or lightweight products, poly bags protect your items from moisture and keep dust at bay.

What Are Poly Bags?

Poly bags are a clear packing bag made of durable polyethylene. Typically offered in thicknesses between 1 and 6 millimetres, we make it possible to source thinner or thicker options depending on your needs. Flexible and smooth, they’re a versatile and popular solution. Businesses easily seal products inside, preserving valuable electronics, components, clothing, food, and more.

Whether you’re shipping a product over long distances, or concerned about packaging wear and tear, poly bags ensure your products are not exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Transparent Materials

Poly bags are made from transparent material, allowing users to see their product in the package. This means you can showcase your product as soon as it arrives at its destination.

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable

Poly bags are available in eco-friendly and biodegradable options for eco-conscious businesses. As a recyclable, sustainable packaging option, it helps prevents plastic waste buildup in landfills.

Cost-Effective Solution

With poly bag packaging options, your business can invest in an economical solution that provides long-lasting product protection. Poly bags are cost-effective and more affordable than alternative packaging options.

Why Choose Poly Bags from Crownhill Packaging?

Poly bags are a superior packaging option that easily aligns with many product shipping needs. Here’s a few ways your business will benefit from their use:

  • Wide range of sizes and styles: We stock a wide selection of polybags in a vast range of styles and sizes to ensure you can pack any product. Whether you’re shipping large blankets, single products, or small items in the same bag, we offer the bags you need.
  • Large range of thicknesses: We offer several poly bag thickness to reinforces the strength and durability of your packaging. Your products are sealed, protected, and safe, no matter their weight or shape.
  • Available in bulk: We provide poly bags in bulk quantities to give you a cost-effective and affordable packaging option.

Source Your Poly Bag Solutions from Crownhill Packaging

If you’re shipping clothing, electronics, or products needing moisture or dust protection, poly bags are ideal packaging. Our poly bag options are ideal for protecting your products, offering up quality materials, protective features, and lots of versatility.

Ship your products in pristine condition with poly bag solutions from Crownhill Packaging. Contact our packaging product professionals for more information about our packaging solutions.

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