What style of mailer is right for my product?

Kraft Bubble Mailers are the lightest weight mailer available, offering a distinctive colour and a secure seal

Polybubble Mailers are moisture-resistant and lightweight, made from a multi-layer blend of polyethylene film

Padded Mailers come with extra-thick cushioning to help protect fragile items during shipping

Courier Mailers have great puncture and tear resistance, offering a secure seal and protection against water and dirt

Board Mailers are constructed of rigid, coated material, offering superior protection against damage and warping

Style and security go hand in hand when it comes to choosing the right mailer. We recommend Kraft and polybubble mailers for books, magazines and smaller sized photos. Larger and more fragile items are better served by padded and courier mailers, while board mailers are well suited for important papers. All of our mailers ensure tight, secure sealing.

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