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Struggling with today’s dimensional weight shipping rates?

With shipping space in delivery vehicles now at a premium, optimizing the size of your packaging can help you take advantage of dimensional weight pricing, saving you from costly shipping fees and packaging choices.

Simply enter the length, width and depth of your packaging and our online dim weight calculator will show you the dimensional weight of your shipment at four popular delivery carriers.

Dim Weight Calculator Measuring Diagram

Calculate the dim weight of your shipment now


    The dimensional weight calculator is for reference purposes only and is based on available delivery carrier information that may be adjusted at any time.


    Canada Post Dim Weight

    Canada Post
    Package Volume:
    Dimensional Weight:

    UPS Dim Weight

    Package Volume:
    Dimensional Weight:

    FedEx Dim Weight

    Package Volume:
    Dimensional Weight:

    USPS Dim Weight

    Package Volume:
    Dimensional Weight:
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