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Plastic air cushioning that protects your fragile materials

One of the most popular forms of void fill, Crownhill offers bubble cushion in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and formats.

Plastic air cushioning (Bubble Wrap®) offers great protection against shock, vibration and abrasion for your most sensitive and fragile materials. It’s lightweight and clean, flexible and effective, making it a good alternative to loose fill packaging.

Bubble Wrap® Sizes & Styles

When it comes to bubbles, height matters. We have a variety of sizes, and styles, available to suit your packaging needs.

  • Boxed and coloured wrap
  • 1/8” – Ideal for general product surface protection
  • 3/16” – Perfect for cushioning light to medium weight products
  • 5/16” – Good for void fill applications where additional protection is suggested during shipping
  • 1/2” – Heavy duty for larger, heavier items

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