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Whether you’re using corrugated boxes or mailer envelopes, Right Mailers is a revolutionary packaging solution to help you choose the right mailer for your delivery needs.

When your packaging is Right Mailers certified, it means it can fit in a specific delivery box. This increases its chances of First Delivery - that is, being delivered the first time so your customers don’t have to make a trip to the local post office (or deal with opportunistic porch pirates!).

What are Right Mailers?

Right Mailers is a packaging system that provides a simple yet effective way to choose the right shipping solution for your products, ensuring your package can fit in the right mailbox.

It works by demonstrating whether your mailer envelope or cardboard box will fit in your customer’s delivery receptacle, like a community mailbox or a parcel locker.

Whether you need to send your package to a delivery box that will accommodate large or small shipping mailers, Right Mailers can help.

How does Right Mailers Work?

When you’re searching for the right shipping solution, especially for e-commerce deliveries, Crownhill Packaging can help. Simply enter the dimensions of your packaging into the calculator below.

Right Mailers will tell you whether your chosen packaging is compatible in size with the following delivery receptacles:

  • Parcel Lockers
  • Community Mailboxes
  • Lobby Mailboxes
  • Smart Lockers
  • Cluster Mailboxes

What are the Benefits of Right Mailers?

Right Mailers brings many benefits to your business and your customers, including:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater chances of First Delivery
  • Safer and contactless parcel delivery solution
  • Lower shipping costs and environmental impact from optimized packaging
Right Mailers™ Measuring Diagram

Enter the dimensions of your chosen packaging to see which delivery boxes it’s capable of fitting into.

The Right Mailers™ calculator is for reference purposes only and is based on available delivery receptacle information.

Online Shipping Tools at Crownhill

A wide range of North American companies, especially e-commerce-based businesses, use Right Mailers® as an effective evaluation system for assisting in their packaging size choices. Contact us today for more information about Right Mailers and customized packaging solutions for your business.

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