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Lightweight, custom-fit foam packaging

Instapak® foam packaging from Crownhill is a staple solution for efficient product protection during shipping. It includes instant foam bags and foam packaging with lightweight yet robust materials designed to fill the spaces around your items within boxes. Crownhill Packaging offers these innovative packing solutions to solve the challenge of transporting high-value products and items to your recipients and ensuring they remain free from dents, damage, or cracks regardless of knocks and bumps during the shipping journey.

What is Instapak® Foam Packaging?

An Instapak® foam packaging option is a protective solution for packaging items, reducing the potential for damage in transit. As polyethylene cushioning packaging, they offer a reliable, innovative, and quick way to soften any impact on a range of packaging.

Instapak® foam products are custom-fit foam cushions that expand when activated. The polyurethane foam cushions fill the spaces around your products or items to strengthen the packaging against falls or bumps. This packaging is easy to use—simply activate the expansion by using a press and pat technique.

Crownhill Packaging’s Instapak® foam solutions have several features that make them suitable for packaging a range of products:

Lightweight Packaging Solution

Instapak® is a lightweight packaging solution that envelops your items within corrugated boxes. The packaging will not weigh the box down, meaning our solution ensures you can transport and move your package from the warehouse to the shipping transport as a company with ease.

Economical Materials for Packaging

Our Instapak® solution is made from economical materials for packaging your products. This option can significantly cut the costs of your packaging materials without compromising on high-quality product protection from packing to delivery.

Custom-fit and Flat Storage Provided

The Instapack® foam packaging available from Crownhill works for product packaging, no matter the weight, shape, or size of the item you want to ship. Its custom-fit and flat storage features make it convenient to store before use and place in your box before shipping.

What Are the Benefits of Instapak® Foam Packaging?

Instapak® foam packaging is the ideal option for companies and individuals who want to mitigate damage to the items they ship. These solutions are an industry-best packing option that ensure you ship with confidence.

  • No extra equipment required: Instapak® foam packaging does not require additional equipment to use. You will not need to purchase a warming unit or system to dispense the packaging, regardless of the size of the foam packaging you require.
  • Reinforced blocking and bracing: Our packaging solution provides reinforced blocking and bracing to minimize the damage other packaging items may cause through knocks and bumps in transit. Even if the item falls, the foam will brace it and reduce the impact and damage.
  • Instant, precise formation: The Instapak Quick® foam we supply expands instantly and matches the size of the corrugated box when you place and pat it inside the packaging. The instant, precise formation ensures there is no risk of using excessive amounts of void fill materials to protect the package, limiting excessive packaging waste.

We make it our priority to provide the most sophisticated, advanced foam packaging available on the market, ensuring your customers only receive products that arrive in the most perfect condition.

Select Instapak® Foam Packaging

North American companies choose Instapak® foam packaging as their go-to solution for highly effective product protection during shipping. No matter whether you ship large, irregularly shaped products or multiple small products in each package, Instapak® is the perfect solution. Your products will arrive in pristine condition with this packaging.

Select Instapak® foam packaging solutions to upgrade your packing and shipment processes. Deliver exemplary, damage-free products to customers with this option, and learn more about sizes and quantities by contacting Crownhill Packaging today.

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