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A real staple for any operation

Not all boxes are created equally. A different job calls for a different box. Size, strength, material, color and style are all important when packaging your product.

Crownhill Packaging offers corrugated boxes and packaging containers in a wide variety of styles, papers, coatings and finishes. With so many options available, it can be difficult to make a decision, and that’s where our packaging experts come in.

We can help you choose the right box for the right job, whether that’s heavy-duty packaging, food packaging, shipping bulky or heavy items, and more.

Containers in various sizes, shapes and styles

Die-cut containers and shaped inserts

Displays and promotional materials

Coated and laminated boxes

Flexo and lithographic printing

Pre-printed corrugate material

Heavy-duty and bulk containers

Insulated corrugated

Custom cartons, dividers and inserts

What Are Corrugated Boxes?

The structure of a corrugated box is more complex than cardboard packaging. In a corrugated structure, there are two outer sheets of kraft paper and sandwiched between them is fluting paper, which looks like a zig-zag pattern.

This paper and fluting structure provides strength and stability to corrugated box walls, helping prevent bending or warping during shipping. Corrugated boxes are essential for ensuring your food packaging and delicate products are secure during transit.

Here are some types and styles of cardboard corrugated boxes we offer:

  • Regular slotted cartons (RSC)
  • Full overlap (FOL)
  • Half slotted cartons (HSC)
  • Tubes
  • Cut out wrap
  • Five Panel wrap
  • Standard and telescopic trays
  • Scored pads and sheets
  • Inserts
  • Customer-specific die cuts

We also keep standard corrugated boxes on hand. Our top sellers are always available when you need a quick delivery of plain boxes.

We specialize in custom packaging solutions. Whether you want a special design, colour, or logo printed on your box, we can do it.

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Why Choose Crownhill Cardboard Boxes?

Using corrugated boxes from Crownhill Packaging provides these benefits:

  • Sustainability – Fewer raw materials are used in the manufacturing of sustainable corrugated boxes, making your shipping processes more eco-conscious.
  • Recyclability – Most styles of corrugated boxes are curbside recyclable, reducing your contribution to landfills.
  • Durability – Corrugated packaging containers are the optimal shipping solution, as their infrastructure makes them stronger than other packaging types.

We offer a variety of board thicknesses and strengths, including:

  • Single, double, and triple-wall construction
  • Lamination to increase the stability of bulk containers
  • Flute sizes A, B, C (the most common), D, E & F

Crownhill Packaging offers quality corrugated cardboard packaging supplies for your business, helping you go green and make more sustainable choices.

What Can You Use Corrugated Boxes For?

Corrugated boxes are an excellent shipping supplies choice for businesses handling:

  • Food Packaging Containers – Temperature-sensitive foods, pre-packaged foods, and bulk-packed foods travel well in corrugated boxes, especially when paired with the right insulated packaging.
  • Shipping Heavier Items – Automotive parts and heavy equipment benefit from the strength of a corrugated box, especially with double- or triple-wall construction.
  • Shipping Fragile Items – Glass and electronics need the rigidity of corrugated boxes to keep them safe, and benefit from the use of ample void fill to prevent movement.
  • Shipping Bulky Items – Corrugated boxes come in all sizes and styles, and are ideal for shipping bulky items such as home décor, pillows, blankets, and large but light products.

Be sure to invest in void filler and packing foam to ensure your products are packed securely in your corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Boxes And Packaging Containers From Crownhill Packaging

Businesses across North America trust Crownhill Packaging for high quality corrugated boxes and packaging containers. The right packaging solution for your business starts with contacting our in-house experts to develop a cost-effective strategy customized to your needs.

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