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Effective rust eradication solutions

Rust prevention packaging is a must-have solution for efficient corrosion protection. It includes volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging, which offers an advanced means to protect metal surfaces and mitigate damage. Crownhill Packaging offers a large range of VCI products and protective packaging materials for metal parts, perfectly suited to your business's specific product rust prevention needs.

What is Rust Prevention Packaging?

A rust prevention packaging solution is a paper or plastic covering to inhibit rust on metal parts and products. When you wrap it around metal surfaces, the packaging protects them from harmful elements and oxidization.

On its surface are VCI molecules that emit vapour corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors form an invisible layer of protection, only a few molecules thick yet highly resistant to corrosion. Known as VCI emitters, they are an advanced barrier that stops and displaces moisture, preventing it from harming the metal.

Available from Crownhill Packaging are the following types of advanced VCI rust prevention packaging and solutions:

VCI Paper Sheets and Rolls

VCI paper sheets and rolls offer a rapid vapour corrosion inhibitor diffusion. They are a fast-acting solution in a flat, paper form that instantly protects your metal products when you wrap them inside.

VCI Plastic Bags, Sheeting, Film, and Tubing

VCI plastic bags, sheeting, and VCI film can seal metal products in a highly superior rust prevention barrier. VCI tubing protects long, thin metal parts you place inside the packaging.

Chipboard VCI

Chipboard VCI solutions can be added to a zip bag or corrugated boxes that contain your metal product parts to eliminate corrosion. They are made of wood pulp and coated with a protective layer of VCI.


Desiccants control your container’s humidity level and eliminate rust on the metal surfaces of the items you place inside them. These small packs contain non-toxic, moisture-absorbing molecules.

Foam Emitters

Foam emitters contain chemicals to prevent small metal pieces from rusting. These solutions protect items with a large surface area. Slot them into your packaging and seal them with packing tape to eliminate moisture.

Rust Prevention Liquid

Rust-prevention liquid keeps metal surfaces rust-free. This safe and effective product protects ferrous metals from moisture exposure even when storing products for long periods.

Rust Removers

Rust remover solutions work if corrosion has started to compromise your products. Restore metal components and protect them against rust to keep metal items functional with this solution.

Why Choose Crownhill Packaging's Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions?

Crownhill Packaging’s volatile corrosion inhibitor solutions give your business’s metal products the best protection against rust. They are an excellent choice that can enhance your shipping strategy in several ways:

  • Moisture mitigation: Volatile corrosion inhibitor solutions eliminate moisture and greatly reduce the chances of water seeping through to metal products. Their molecular barrier ensures your items stay damage- and rust-free, ensuring they reach your customers in the best quality.
  • Long-lasting benefits: Our rust prevention solutions provide long-lasting benefits and protection. Even if your business ships products over long distances or internationally, VCI packaging will last the full shipment duration.
  • Multi-use rust prevention: We stock a significant range of multi-use rust prevention products suitable for various uses. Whether you need to seal small metal parts in plastic bags with VCI chipboard to eliminate rust, use them with void fill, or wrap large metal parts such as electronic devices, we offer solutions that meet your requirements.

Our high-quality, cost-efficient solutions will elevate your packaging and help you deliver items in excellent condition to your customers.

Choose Rust Prevention Solutions from Crownhill Packaging

Rust prevention solutions from Crownhill Packaging are the first choice of businesses in North America that want to prevent corrosion effectively. Whether your business delivers electronics or small metal products to customers, these items will stay in excellent condition with our industry-best packaging solutions.

Choose rust prevention solutions from Crownhill Packaging to deliver customer-satisfying products. Looking for more information? Contact us for more about our packaging solutions.

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